Voices and dreams

when we dream our minds create characters that have autonomy. they act, speak and think for themselves. yet it is all us, our brain’s producing them. when you look at dreams and the influence we unconsciously have within them, completely unknowing that that is what it is our brain is doing, it’s not difficult to understand how a complex character or characters might be created whilst we are awake. it would seem to be completely independent of us and yet if we were asleep, it would be just another dream. maybe for those of us who are suffering thoughts of persecution from seemingly outside originating voices, think of how your brain creates different characters and scenarios whilst asleep. when you wake you don’t automatically think your dream characters were real and yet while you’re dreaming both they and you are comletely real in your dream, so maybe just think that your language centres are dreaming while you’re awake. when looked at like a malfunction of your waking self to propogate your dreaming characters, the thoughts of outside influence disappear and all you are left with are dream characters from a malfunctioning brain. just a theory. hope this helps x


When I got my major episode I hade a toe left in reality. I asked if it is possible to dream while awake. But I did not get an answer. Not that I remember.

It is difficult though: it only makes sense to say you are dreaming against the background of being awake. We need a standard grasp of what is real to be able to make sense of what is not. I was tempted once into a delusion that everything I encountered wasn’t real, that everything I encountered was just a dream. Yet this is merely an incoherent idea. To say everything is just a dream is not to know what it means to dream, it is stretching the meaning of the word dream beyond its limits. It is an utterly confused idea. So I agree with you as long as you want to apply it to particular phenomena, such as a particular voice you hear. But it can get out of hand if you can’t distinguish between the voices and the ground that supports you. This is a solipsism that collapses into itself.

personally i think it is a good analogy if nothing else to explain that your brain is capable whether awake or asleep, of creating complex characters that have their own identities, wants, needs, ideas and language capabilities. it could also neatly explain the mental imagery so common to schizophrenics. some call them intrusive or inserted thoughts. i on the other hand believe that my brain makes them up as i go. it’s sort of like daydreaming but completely unconscious and these images just pop up…where else do they come from if not the dreaming mind/brain. it’s just unfortunate that the vast majority of these voices and images are negative but there are some people that have positive voices aswell. i heard this idea, this hypothesis doing the rounds in psychiatry and thought it apt. if it turns out to be wrong then so be it but to me, it’s a good idea…if only to make one think of the origins of vo

voices and imagery. personally i would rather believe that mine came from my own mind than were an outside influence such as telepathy. i’m a dreamer. that is my take on it.

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I’d rather believe that too

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