Voices and death

Voices drive me crazy . They say I’m gonna die and my heart beats irregularly . I am confused

Maybe I should go to the cardiologist

I took a benzo. Maybe I need prn clozapine

This is my third time telling you to go to the doctor about your irregular heartbeat. It’s potentially fatal.


Mate you are on polypharmacy. Like @everhopeful says heart symptoms are red flags. Please go to emergency


The thing is that I am not afraid of dying. But I panic when they constantly tell me that I’m gonna die

After having taken the benzo, my mind is slow, my thoughts are slow, I can’t think clearly. But my feelings are good,

Are you Greek? @Om_Sadasiva ?


Yes, I am. You?


I am Romanian. We have similar cultural and religious backgrounds. And food too!

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I am Bulgarian guys, we are close, yeap :blush:
My heart also jumps from anxiety often… talk to a doc if you need smth about it, yes… Me, I still rely on the benzos but I wonder how is my heart too…

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Voices~ ‘Friends & Strangers’. (Reality & Illusion). (Year 0Year 7777). 101/10!.

Death~ ‘Ending Of Start To Begin Again’. (Honesty & Rebirth). (Year AYear Z). 101/10!.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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