Voices and coping

If your voices ou hear are 100 coming from someone you know and you knew it to be true. Would you just use coping skills or confront them?

My friends, family, and pdoc says to ignore the voices. So my internal mind is like a dream (forgotten easily) meanwhile the voice seems t retain memories of my thoughts. For
Example I saw a duff lunch bag today and m
Barely noticed it. Then a few hour later I hear a voice say ‘duff’ as if my mind had remembered it despite noticing it non chalotey

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They’re not coming from someone you know. It may seem like that but it’s just your mind playing tricks on you.

Look at this news story.

People in this trial learned to control voices because they learned how to calm the region of the brain that was involved via an mri feedback device.

Thanks. Do you hear voices?

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No I don’t. I did once when I was on seroquel. It does seem real. But it was just that seroquel messed up my brain chemistry. I don’t hear voices when I’m unmedicated or on any other AP.

I hear the voices but has been less due to clozapine. However I feel clozapine makes my mind speak less to the other part of
My brains that is producing voices or prevents less chitter chatter from the person whose voice I hear. Either way med is working for me but not enough for me to believe it’s all coming from my mind and that I’m really how somehow telepathic with this person

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Yes. Sometimes you have to take a “leap of faith” and trust that it’s not telepathy or something and it’s just brain chemistry.

I’m glad clozapine is making things easier for you.

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Almost every night, I hear rather louder than usual, mumbling voices when the central air conditioning is on. When the a/c is off, the voices turn off. I know it is voices because it sounds like someone is talking and I don’t hear the voices in the a/c during the daytime. In the winter time, I hear the voices in the heating system. The voices sound like non stop mumbling. They don’t quit until the a/c or heating turn off.

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@SzAdmin, Is there a mechanism built into this website where you can listen to the posts being read out loud through your computer speakers? And if so, how do you turn it on and off? I just heard this thread and all of it’s posts being read out loud to me by a computer generated narrator. I turned this function on somehow. I don’t know how I did it.

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My voices have been how are you going to go through with it? How are you going to kill him? Suicidal bs.

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That sounds more like homicidal B.S. Don’t listen to it.


I’m not. I love my bf very much . Oh the first voice was asking how I’m going to kill myself.

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My voice doesn’t want me to be homidical as it would means it’s end (whether it comes from that person or not I would know the voice doesn’t come from him) However, it’s constantly attacking me to feel like attacking the person I think is behind me hearing voices.

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The govt sent a signal to my brain. Everytime they do it I end up in a ward.

For me it’s from an old friend, but who knows.

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