Voices act like they are God's and masters

Who else has this where the voices lord over them?


I’d laugh at them. And have fun with them lol.

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Yeah some times their funny


First year of my voices involved some instructions. The characters were based on religious notions too. Later on it became more and more casual.

In the beginning, they were funnier. Now it’s more like dum busybodies criticizing all the time. They really want to run people’s lives and know absolutely nothing.

I often have no free will when my physchosis happen. So I have no choice to accept to be a minion of satan.

It happens when I eat or playing video games

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My voices lord over me. For a long time, they told me not to go on the forum, so I only did it to defy them for being mean.

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Hey it happens to me after drinking coffee, eating, or watching TV. It all started after I did some acid with some pagans. They actually openly acknowledged the telepathy and thought broadcasting. Got me to sell my soul and now I’m living in this hell. I’m not sure if it’s delusions or real. I’m on meds (latuda), but they only seem to be helping some. It’s really disconcerting. Every song I hear seems like it’s taunting me and talking to me specifically. I’ll think a thought in my head and someone at work will immediately say something that correlates to what I thought in my head (“God, please help me” “Jesus Christ, this is crazy” immediately thereafter). Wondering if any of this rings a bell.

Mine do! Day and night…unceasingly. Leaving me constantly paranoid, fearful, and anxious. :tired_face:

Try Risperdal, Latuda was weak for me, I still had positive symptoms and catatonia on Latuda 120mg.

Messick_n: what you describe is much familiar to me. Especially the part where you suggest that third parties were involved in sparking and then fueling your delusions. After years of suffering, I suspect that no matter the source, these are all nonsense especially produced by your own brain to excuse issues or problems you had previously, maybe as old as early childhood. I suggest you examine your actions with cruelty and suspicion. Then you just might gain clarity. This is what helped me personally.

Similar for me as well but “I think” people hearing our thoughts is just a part of entering the spiritual world? Like with our hearts… I’m pretty sure this is the reason for thought broadcasting but nobody tells the person who enters since it’s just a stage or something? Anyway I had an experience with this and for sure think it’s real not a delusion that requires meds or something. Also alot of people go through this but get treated like it’s a joke when people are ACTUALLY reacting to thoughts like it’s normal or like they have to hear them.

Yeah I have a female voice who says shes Jesus and complains about me all the time. I remember one time my voices called me cumby and I started laughing my ass off in front of my Mom who looked at me like I was crazy


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