Voice wants mathematics

My voices sometimes want to see mathematics, and diagrams. They said if they see the mathematics I would be cured of the voices as they use the math to heal me. So that is what I did. I watched a mathematical formula about noise to signal ration and how to remove the signal from the noise and vice versa so they could separate from me. Strangely, the voice calmed down after that and haven’t heard that voice anymore. I have no interest in mathematics, but the voice said that they understand only math and needed the formula to quiet itself.

Thoughts about this?


This is the video: Sound Capture and Speech Enhancement for Communication and Distant Speech Recognition - YouTube

At 42:09 minutes is the formula.

When the voice noticed the math formula, a day later the voice was gone.

Not sure why, but it did help. I don’t understand math at all, but the voice said he does understand all maths and I just needed to find the formula.

What do i make of this…

I wouldn’t do what voices ask you to do. It could lead to a lot of troubles.

Just try to ignore voices and don’t reason with them.


I had similar experiences. I argued, questioned, cooperated, antagonized and everything in-between, with my voices. Sometimes it did lead to windows of semi-clarity that lasted days, maybe weeks. During one such window of clarity I came to this forum, two years ago.

In the end however, it always returns, because the root cause for the illness always remains.

Use the opportunity that presented itself to take care of yourself and don’t waste your time trying to make sense from what in effect is noise. There are reasons for what happened to you, and why it temporarily calmed down. Don’t expect it to be a reliable method to stay grounded.

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Lessening my exposure to youtube is a good thing… tv can be so harmful, so is youtube. Cannot watch the news anymore as I think they can read my mind and even show things they think I am interested in. I really wish tv would not exist, it ruined me.

My voices like me doing art and music and writing. They don’t like me reading. I gave it up. It was time. It was not doing me good. But when my voices say, take a bus to another place, run away, I refuse. It’s dangerous to do everything they say. It’s dangerous to believe they are devine and you must obey their commands.

I sometimes wish I hadn’t blown off mathematics in high school. I had a bad math teacher in algebra I, and it kind of turned me off math. Now I’m 63, and it is too late for me to accomplish anything in math. They need math teachers who can explain some of the seeming illogicals in math. Like on the Cartesian numbers grid - they say that using two negative numbers gives you a positive. What people don’t understand is that using a positive on the number line means continue in the same direction. Using a negative means change directions. So, if you are using two negatives, that means change directions, and then change directions again, so the outcome is going to be a positive on the number line. At least I think that is what it means. Anyway, it is a very bad approach to learning math to torment yourself over seeming illogical rules in the mathematical system. Just believe what you’re taught. They’ve used these rules to build some amazing structures throughout history. They work. If they didn’t work a lot of engineering projects could not remain standing. If these rules seem counter intuitive to you, worry about it later.

Crimby, don’t know anything about math and was very bad at it in school, it is just not for me and makes me anxious because it feels so foreign, like a foreign language. The voices may enjoy it, but I certainly do not.

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