Voice told me something interesting

A week or two ago (I don’t get voices often), I was getting ready for bed and a voice told me “moments after the Buddha became enlightened, his body died”. Then it laughed in a strong but almost comforting way. I don’t want to get religious (though I consider Buddhism more philosophy anyways), but it made me think “where’d this come from?”. Maybe there is truth to it, maybe it’s been said before, maybe it’s just my own mind regurgitating my inner thoughts. Idk. It’s like how I had this dream where someone called me “porterly” (a word most of us, myself included, have never heard, heck literature hasn’t even used it much since if I’m remembering correctly it’s been obsolete for a while).

What weird things have your voices said to you? How did it effect you?


One that threw me for a loop, a word I don’t think I’d ever heard, none the less knew the meaning to.

“Bodhisattva” they called me. Telling me I was chosen, and this thing from a faith I’d barely studied at the time.

In my delusional state I did research, believing I was this religious figure. That I had those ability’s, and I was this fantastical being.

It was madness, and it’s lingered for years. Found it hard to shake that one


My new voice, Peter, made his debut by telling me the tap water came from the toilet and that my best friend was gonna put pills in the food to mellow me out.

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I’m sorry @Pikasaur, that’s terrible. Peter reminds me of one of my older brothers -complete liar. Hope he goes away soon. Feel better.

He’s just worried. When I was hospitalized he was worried about bacterias in the food from the other patient’s hands. And if I feel anything out of the ordinary, he’s sure it’s a symptom of something serious

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Once a voice told me that I needed to go check the mail right away. She warned me that there was going to be something in there that would make me frustrated and give me problems.

I went and checked the mail, and sure enough there was a letter from someone who shall remain nameless. It was a nasty letter with some threats and BS.

The voice also told me not to worry about it too much, that it was an empty threat and that nothing would come of it. That was true as well.

This was before I understood that I was mentally ill. This incident led me to think the voices were real longer than I otherwise might have. It felt like proof of what they were saying, sort of, and it fed my delusions.

It still puzzles me, actually. How did the voice know I was going to get that letter that day? It definitely warned me before I checked the mail.


I, too, have voice told me something interesting. In fact, I managed to have conversation with it.

I asked the voice, “Who are you?”, “Are you stalker?”. After a short while, the voice says “I am a computer program in you head…Ok, I am a stalker.”
Then I asked again, “Why?”. The voice responded by saying, “We found that your brain has the right logical thinking, and we are eager to use your brain to create an advanced computer technology… We are using your brain as a model for machine learning, to train a futuristic computer.”

That make sense to me, but I have never missed my medication, it is hard to believe the voice is part of schizophrenia, although I am likely to dismiss the conversation.

HI have any of you come across the whole targeted individual theory and what do you think of it if you have Schizophrenia. Be glad to hear from you.

I can never tell what my voices are saying, and I’m ok with that.

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