Voice tells me NOT to take AP

When my Psychiatrist went up on my dose, the voice told me that he cannot be subdued. I was on Seroquel 800 mg then.

Did the voice stop after the increase @Selah?

…not with the increase of Seroquel. I tried other meds… and the meds that I’m on (Aripirazole 30mg) has silenced that voice, but I hear from a different voice affiliated with the entity that told me that. The Aripirazole is weakening, so i’ll be swtching meds again.

Well, that showed him who’s boss
Good luck with the next switch!

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That’s exactly the same as mine

I had a delusion that the antipsychotics were placebo so it’s OK to take them according to the voices so that encouraged me to take them since the voices were my friends at the time. And to my surprise I did not feel side effects for 2 months then they struck. So opposite to u.

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