Voice really bothering me

Voice keeps telling me I’m a worthless piece of ■■■■. Keeps saying that same thing over and over. It’s my break off from school, but so far it’s been pretty bad because of the voice. Trying to listen to music to drown things out.

It also says “Dear lord have mercy!” a lot. That’s his way of telling me that he is laughing at me.

Amen to that. Favorite quote from last night “A disobedient whore is a worthless whore”

Something I found out recently is that high dose Olanzapine(>20mg) is possibly as effective as Clozapine.

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My voices tell me to kill myself or they speak gibberish. They repeat themselves over and over again just like yours.

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Yeah my voice tells me to kill myself too. He says I’m better off dead.

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I had a voice tell me, I hope she’s dead. About my mom. I yelled at it

Mine keeps begging me to close the door when I smoke a cigarette with the garage’s backdoor open. We keep it open during smoking to let the smoke out, the voice wails like it’s in pain and begs me to close it. I ignore it like always but it is so incredibly frustrating and repetitive.

I’m told to take all my pills at once. That’s why i have to have someone come in and give me my meds
I’ve overdosed twice in the last year.

Closest thing to voices were hypnogogic hallucinations for me. I feel for you guys.

Mine wanted me to kill myself if i didnt listen to the rules of its game and lesson it tried to teach me. They were like screaming at me to take sleeping pills at some points. Pretty scary stuff sz and psychotic episodes are

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