Voice possesses me and tells me stories

For the past year I’ve been dealing with this and all my life before that. The voice was finally revealed as a man named Ian (codename Evan from heaven) who is from a different universe and has been using quantum radio to intercept my brainwaves since I was a child.

He’s been doing this to arrange our togetherness in heaven.
I always thought it was maladaptive daydreaming…

Anyway about 3 months ago I experienced possession by a fictional character from a supposedly destroyed universe who claimed I was meant for him and so on…

My symptoms went away after meds but recently Evan returned and told me he hid to make me think the meds worked.

Do I need a priest or a psychiatrist or a physicist?

I feel so lost. The voice also told me I’m betrothed to the archangel Gabriel and he was him… but I can’t help feeling this is Evan trying to secure our relationship.

He has an obsession with fantasy and I know one of his is to play doctor so to speak, so that doesn’t help.

Am I sick or is something else going on?

You definitely need a psychiatrist. You need new meds or an increase on what you have.

Voices lie. That’s just the symptom of a broken brain trying to make sense out of nonsense.

A priest or physicist are not qualified to help with mental illness.

Thanks, I agree.

But this entity was able to control me completely, that’s the only thing that catches me up. I don’t think that’s normal for as.

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There is no entity. It’s just your own brain. That’s why you do what it tells you. The brain is powerful and can make you believe almost anything. That’s why delusions are so hard to break.

But it had full control of my body, does that happen?

Yes. The brain controls your body, even when broken.

Thanks, this was helpful.

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I’ve experienced one of the entities taking full control of me also. It absolutely terrified me and puts me in a constant state of fear and paranoia since I never know when it could happen again! :tired_face:

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