Voice of the "Holy Spirit"

I think it still is long way to go for figuring out what have happened and is happening to me until today. The voice from nowhere spoke to me “You’re righteous… (from this moment the Holy Spirit no longer speak to him)” and it either amused me or upset me. From what I understand from the teaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses, God will never speak to anyone in person, but only through his words in the Holy Scriptures, elders and mature Christians. (@Malvok, I am not reinstated yet as a Jehovah’s Witness, because I can’t make it a routine to attend the weekly meetings because of my mood swing.)
How long does it take to identify my behavior, thinking and feeling long enough to own them? To me, I am still living in my own world no matter what I say and what I do.
Has anyone got better to tell me the correct direction?

I think the important thing is that you’re questioning what you think and feel. I believe that’s important to recovery. It shows you’re developing insight.

I don’t have any answers but I wish you well.

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Thank you, Malvok. You were actually pointing me out the fact that I am developing insight.

I think that God has spoken to me at times. I think the Holy Spirit brings peace.
I try to follow the Lord Jesus.

But this is very different from the voices of demons that always say bad stuff, taunt me, and just make me miserable.
But luckily I get long breaks from Episodes.

Satan can pretend to be good angel too.
Anyway, we are dealing with voices caused by illness. While I do not believe God speaks to his servants, I do believe demons do attack Christians. Take care!

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Christianity, Islam, and Baha’i (and all their offshoots) all came from Judaism and that started with Abram (later know as Abraham). He heard “The Voice Of God” which started him down a path that has lead us to a place where in these religions that sprung from him (except Baha’i) are battling with each other in the Middle East, doing atrocious and despicable things in the name of this “One” god.

I personally do not give allegiance to any deity, angel, demon, state, religion, or human being. I may respect them to a certain degree, realize they have power over me to a certain extent, but they did not make me, The Source made me possible and them too, if they would only realize it. I also do not obey or take to heart anything any voice says to me, or anything that is written, I don’t care if it is heart warming praise or name calling. Every thing in this experience is suspect.

The further one gets from being under the thumb of such powers and principals, the more one is Liberated.

Its my first time here and I just can’t believe what I’m reading. It’s brilliant!! Not sure wat I’m posting is going to the right place but omg I can’t believe some of the stuff here. I feel like I’m actually fitting it. Wooooo! The universe is inside everyone, our higher selves speak to us as well as lower selves. God/spirit or whatever talks to us all the time. We have choices and tune into different frequencies. Am I right?

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