Voice knew the time


My voice keeps telling me the time anytime I’m wondering and it’s always right.weird.did anybody experience this?



That’s wild… I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I wonder if your internal sense of time is perfect. Like having perfect pitch about the time. Is that even possible?

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I think your right,like how sometimes I can guess the time and be right so I guess it stems from the same place.trying not to panic.

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I t think some of us have internal clocks. I’m surprised at how many time I glance at the clock and it’s right on the hour. It’s probably from living a scheduled life.

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I love this forum. I will be putting up any crazy ■■■■ as it happens, so thanks for your attention.



Yes. I’m thinking the aliens are doing it. But most likely people who have gotten a hold of some technology that can point to you and have you hear voices. Every where you go and can " see"vwhat you see by reading your thoughts.

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Bumping this. Did anybody else experience this?