Voice knew the future

So I thought I’d share this because it was weird. One time I was watching tv and my voice says you’ll be able to tell the future. It then proceeded to tell me what was gonna be on the tv in about 5 second delays, it would say ‘your about to see a lady in a blue junper’ or ‘your about to see a red car’ and it was always right. It done it numerous times. Weird right? This is the whole truth and I’m not exaggerating one bit. How do i rationalize this


Those are very vague predictions.


Those are just examples please believe me it was always right


Maybe you’re on the relatively younger side. For a young person to learn enough information about oneself, others, and the rest of the world/universe in time to prosper a major feat in itself, however very, very often the young person is susceptible to informations false or true and calamities resulting from lack of information even about what one’s own mind is let alone all of the heaps and mountains of other things to know.

Well…and it’s lik that for the rest of human kind in general. The first 40,000 years or so had exactly the same problem. They had no written language, and most people haven’t had written language until just recently in a capitalist, printing press, and internet era. Why written language? Because information comes to us on words.

Imagine having to start over, and learn everything known by humans now…alone. It could never be done in one lifetime. However because of written language we send out legions of young people to scour over those words, and they wind up consuming lifetimes and eons of information via the tried and true tool: words.

What you have there Italy is an ability to predict. Everyone has that. When people are talking to each other, listening to shows, reading, etc, they are predicting without even trying. That’s how they have responses that are so quick, and they are responding so fast to each other that they don’t think much consciously about what they will say and do in the moment. What they think is very subconscious, and theirs know time to be aware of it as it is just blurted out as their expressions.

Think of the AI computers predicting using much data, quickly processing, rendering output data that isn’t always right, but it can be correct a good percentage of times depending on the situation. They process information. We process informatino.

Here’s the thing you should ponder on.

What is the difference between deductive information and inductive information? The voices are deductive information, but what other kinds of information in your mind is deductive? What information in your mind is inductive?

Focus on that every single day. Observe other people on TV or around you, and figure out if what they are saying is because of deductive information in their mind, or was it inductive. Once you understand your mind, so to you’ll understand all other minds. Minds are information, and brains process it.

Never forget that people for tens of thousands of years have believed they understood what was going on because their mind had information that state so, however do you believe everything you read or hear? I don’t think you do. No one does. Isn’t everything people say from their minds? That information is from their mind information, and therefore that mind information is not always true.

We can correctly conclude that mind information often states things in thought, perception, memory, feeling, etc that are false or logical fallacy. I’ve often said the mind is not how it seems. I have known for awhile that what I had believed was happening based on what is stated by my mind did not resemble what was always really happening. It’s nothing special, but it is more than the lie I believed.

Also don’t forget this.

Your voices are deductive information, and if they tell you something that you are thinking, but they seem like they are coming from someone else, does that mean that someone read your mind? Or does it mean that your deductive thoughts and feelings come from you, thus they are connected to the same database in your brain, therefore they will resemble exactly what you already know, are thinking, doing, feeling, etc? I would say the last one.

Also if your voices are deductive information from you, and they tell you something you didn’t already know, does that mean that someone is communicating with your brain telepathically?

No, all of your deductive information in your mind is the result of information procession in your brain. The brain is like a calculator. What it does with information is something we call “figuring things out.” We say, “It thinks.” Really it just operates around the phenomenon of information, and sometimes it makes useful information, and sometimes it makes useless information. The more facts and experience you put in it, the more useful information it will make for you.

So if your voices tell you something you don’t already know, it’s simply your mental deductive processes at work for you.

By the way, sz means the brain is talking to the brain. The mind is split, but the mind doesn’t know it. You are the mind. Do you know this? Do you know how this works in us sz? Remember what seems to be what’s going on is the mistake human beings have made for many, many thousand years. It’s not sci fi, paranormal stuff either. It’s really very plain and much less eventful than most are led to believe while they are growing up.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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whatever is in my head will play music matching what I am seeing and sometimes it takes me a while to notice the link, thats if I notice at all. Whatever it is its very clever

Thank you that actually helps a lot @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis i am on the younger side I’m 32

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What do you think @Ninjastar?

Makes sense 1515155

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Okay! :smiley: I’m turning 40 next week. It seems like 90…in a good way. :wink: Hehe. I guess it’s because I don’t live to deduce tribic conversation as a participant. That involves something mentally from me that my sz couldn’t let me do, so I worked, toiled, researched, thought, and wrote for decades on the outside to compensate, to be the wise, to be the wealthy, to be the healthy. Now it seems I’m the 90 year old that has studied, thought, and wrote about all of the things that we do such as the follies of youth who are intervened with the tides of information, false information, and their own calculations without sufficient information. It’s really an enormous event in each and every life that most are underestimating…because…they are lacking a lot of information.

People are captivated in the deductions of social society and culture the way their stone aged ancestors were out of necessity to cling together to survive as a team. Also they toil relentlessly on tasks in order to raise their families. These tasks teach them minimal in the long run.

I was aiming to have children, and manage the new family, but it didn’t happen. Many things didn’t happen right, and I learned from them like from the side of the moon without lights while most only speak of the side with the light on.

And my lifestyle, work, hobbies, and creativity has always been about real adventure, exploring different peoples, understanding, learning, discovery, inventions, researching, thinking intensely, immense problem solving, lots of rugged rigmarole and intellectual esoteric knowing. Society stayed in the house, and while I shot out from it like a rocket exploring all space, words, thoughts, places, and phenom in every direction and distance around that house.

The child stays at home. The parent knows far beyond the boundary. So I seem 90. Hehe. In a good way. :wink: No one gets dumber with time.

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I think it’s confirmation bias. You probably made tons of “predictions” so drastically some were bound to come true. And you only noticed the ones that came true.


Sounds like me. I did predict several things, but also got a ton of big things wrong. Receny, I knew or had thoughts that Trump believes God wanted him to be president and it came out in the news a couple days later.

I guess I’m delusional…

I thought Bernie Sanders was going to win in the beginning because of past life memories. I was way off…

Do you think I made these predictions subconsciously?

I think you probably made thousands of predictions and only remember the ones that came true. I used to do the same thing. You may have even seen the thing and then remembered making a prediction you didn’t actually make, as part of your confirmation bias.

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But I was just watching tv, I didn’t consciously make any predictions it was my voice doing it to me, it kept doing it until I got scared and told it to stop

Its all your subconscious. The voices come from your own brain. Your brain is just misinterpreting thoughts as auditory sounds and getting confused.

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was it an external or internal voice?

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Internal 151515

The past life memory I have when seeing the Riemann hypothesis in a parallel universe is it was solved/published by Harvard. It said a professor name and Harvard at the top of the paper. Am I delusional or just psychic? Because of different timelines, it could change. I don’t remember the professors name besides he was a Male and possibly Jewish.

The proof was at least 80 pages long. Maybe longer. I don’t know. It was too complicated to understand.