Voice is always insulting


Why is the voice always insulting? It makes me want to lash out at the person I hear the voice from, but I always restrain myself.

I feel like im going off the deep end. I have always been and described as a good,
caring, thoughtful and loving person. Yet the voice wants to see me fail and is constantly attacking me. I wish I could lash out without any repercussions, but unfortanatelt life doesn’t work that way (unless you want to go to jail).
I feel I am angry all day long. Curse my
Internal voice all day long from
When I wake to I go to sleep.

Anyone else feel the same way? How do you cope?


I hear neutral random phrases. Not bad voices.


Maybe it’s your pride.


My voice keeps saying he’s scared every time I go outside and that I shouldn’t leave the house. Why does it act like people? Why can’t it just be static >_<

Sucks when you wake up to it without any time between regaining consciousness and returning to the dialogue you fell asleep to.

Me personally, I just got my AP changed so I am hoping I’ll get some silent days coming up.


I feel pride does effect me. After having Sz I try not to insult myself due to pride (I feel if I did the voice would copy and use my insecurities as a weapon).
So anytime I hear the voice attacking my
Pride I get upset and feel the internal voice
Is not from me.


When I hear someone say something insulting, and I know it is probably voices I think to myself that it just doesn’t matter if it is real or not and I let it go and move on.


keep calm and curse them back with no anger
I used this method and they became silent


Does your environment affect it? Maybe get to a calm area without loud distractions. If that doesn’t help I don’t know what to do.


I just tell Alien to shut up when he insults me. Or listen to music.


Bruh get on stronger meds lad…


Clozapine is the gold standard of APs for Sz and I’m at the highest dose.

Environment does effect it. Where there is a lot of chatter I confuse outside voices for ones my mind make. I find going out more socializing (if you can) helps to alleviate some of that pain.


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