Voice insertions in TV programs

I have noticed that sometimes there are totally out of the topic voice (sentence) insertions in some TV programs. This is real.

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This is why I don’t watch tv

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A few problems there!

One is hallucinations. It’s a positive symptom.

One is thought insertion. A positive symptom.

One is ideas of reference…where things on tv/ radio/ media are specifically talking to you or in reference to you! A positive symptom!

Then there’s other things as well most likely, you guessed it positive symptoms.

As always…talk to your treatment team or get on treatment. Positive symptoms of schizophrenia are best dealt with by antipsychotic mediation. It’s really that simple.

Positive symptoms no good to you. Most likely damaging the brain…medications may actually prevent that and encourage new neural pathways!

A friend who’se happier medicated,


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And then there are the other things that happen with televisions.

Like during your hauntin…i mean psychosis you are watching it and the beings with youuuu…i mean your hallucinations kick in.

And one of the charachters on the movie you have on slowly turns around and begins to grin and stare at you. Dark eyes to. A dark eyed grin and stare.

He put his hands on his hips and proudly did this wierd walk. For some reason the walk felt ancient.

I wouldn’t rule it out. TV execs can do some shady things. And especially now, with the smart TVs that record everything you say. And they track what everyone watches now for their ratings. It is better to just stay away from all of that nonsense.


Haha wow @ninjastar psychotic?? Hard to believe :joy:

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Yeah, lol. I’ve certainly come a long way since my early days here! My old posts are a bit embarrassing, but I leave them up so everyone can see that recovery is possible.


I’ve experienced that too. It bothers me a lot. I just turn it off.

Tv says what i say or think

I do not have this voice insertion problem any longer. I did not even remember that I had written about it. The time just goes so quick.

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