Voice in my head that talks about my looks and age, how can I get rid of her?

I have three distinct voices in my head,

But one is really putting me on edge lately.

She constantly has negative comments about my looks and age.

One therapist I talked to about it gave me some tactics to calm that voice, but none of them really worked.

I’m not good at meditation type stuff.

My last therapist was totally wacky and thought I was hearing spirits,

She also thought I should be off meds.

I’m not in therapy right now because I had to leave her and now I’m on a waiting list for another therapist.

I don’t know what to do in the meantime and she’s really beating me down.

I’m not ugly, fat or old,

I just don’t know what to do.

What do you do when your voices become overwhelming?


I think talking to yourself with affirmations may help. I don’t have voices, so I’m no expert. Hopefully someone else can give you good advice.

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Did you still have these voices on the higher dose of abilify? (I think I remember you saying you lowered your dose)


She’s there on the higher dose and the lower dose.

I don’t see her as much on the higher dose,

But that’s not what I’m super worried about.

It seems that she’s pretty med resistant.


If I was in your position I’d consider adding another AP or change my AP.

Just out of curiosity was that voice still there for the month you got the wrong injection?


I get voices like that happen often when I exercise
It’s not a single voice, just in the pool every time my head was above water people were calling me fat
At the minute I go past people calling out that the ground shakes when I cycle

I’m having full conversations of nearby people discussing me and how fat I am
The age thing will soon follow I’m sure
I’m getting sensitive about my age

I don’t know what to say
Daily fat taunts I was very used to when swimming
But this feels closer to paranoia lately

I hope it passes for you

When people really put me down because they see me as less, this can be worse than anything… but that is more rare
Few people are actually see you next Tuesday about perceived lessers when just going about in public

Most of this stuff isn’t real

Persecution is not just something we fear and hear
It can be real
But it helps when we know it isn’t real on whatever level

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I have “personal” voices which are persistent too…
Klonopin as a med helps,and large headphones with either music or just noise…

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The voices were considerably worse when I got the wrong injection,

Now that it’s been a couple months they’ve calmed down a lot.

It’s just this one voice that really annoys me.


I’m sorry you get voices like this too.

You’re right, it’s not real, it’s still hard to ignore.


Thx, yea
Sometimes I’m very tough to it, it’s frequent and samey and Although outside voices not realistic
Bit paranoid last few days
That really doesn’t help

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My voices I had used to call me ugly inside and outside 24/7.

They said I’m not allowed outside because I’m so ugly and someone might see me.

They always said I have no inner beauty or outer beauty.

I don’t know how but the voices went away thankfully.

Can’t think of anything I did.

I started going to a activity centre for mentally Ill people.

You didn’t have to do anything but I ended up in a kiosk cafe at a aged care centre.

I enjoyed it.

The voices just disappeared.

Then I heard my neighbors but nolonger the voices.

Don’t know how to make it stop for me they just went away after years of torturing me.

My voices tell me I am the dumbest person on earth. Its much less in intensity while on Risperdal 4mg.

Try a higher dose. If its still there consider a stronger antipsychotic like Risperdal. Its same strength as Zyprexa but without as much weight gain. Clozapine is #1, then Zyprexa and Risperdal.

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