Voice Hearing Groups

I live in New Zealand. We have a population of around 4.4 million. I live in a city with population 140,000.

I have been hearing voices 24 hours a day for 7 years. I estimate only a small number of my residents in my city are like me.

That said, I go to a weekly group session run by Hearing Voices NZ…it’s a group of typically less than 10 people who get together to share their concerns about hearing voices. Some don’t even hear voices at all.

Has anyone here gone to any group meetings for voices?

It’s really enjoyable. When you hear voices 24/7, voices become like a subject matter which can be discussed at length.

I actually find that I can be friends with people at voice hearing group sessions. I cannot be friends with anyone else in life as I basically avoid people. But for some reason I really get along well with people who share my condition.

Not to be critical of internet forums, but real life interaction with voice hearers is AWESOME. You feel great after the session and you can figure out where people are coming from much better than here on the internet. Plus, you can put people on the spot like you can’t on the internet due to delays, etc…


My group is on mondays. I work on mondays. I have not been there yet.

I go to an SZ support group and there are times when the topic is voices. There are also times where the topic is delusions. It’s great to see people in person.
I value this site for many reasons, but I also value my group.

today i was at a hearing voices group there is that one witch is on a Thursday or there is another one on a Wednesday two different places and ran by a mental health charity
the group i went to today was about 12 people maybe less
i find it helpful

I go to a group through NAMI. It’s not specifically a voice hearing group but you can share that you are hearing voices. Most of the people there have bipolar but some have sz. I like going there…like you said you feel better after going.

I’ve been considering going to a group. Does the benefit of the group outway the experience of my perception of reality being confirmed by seeing what others perceive as real? That sounds confusing but its hard to be articulate in less than a thirty minute explanation. That and it is hard to open up about it