Voice has quiet times

For people who hear voices, does your voice go quiet every once in a while? Mine is super quiet today. I kind of miss him :confused:

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They go quite from time to time, which can either provide relief or a sense of impending doom as I have no idea of what is going to happen next. It depends on the present circumstances I suppose.

I don’t normally hear a voice but I have a companion like your Alex. I have The Shadow Man. I see him, feel him and he sends me messages through the radio.

Lately he has been sending me messages about death and my partner has sort of banned me from turning on the radio for a while. And I miss him.

It is so strange because I know he is still there, I always imagine he is busy or something

he was busy hanging on my back all morning ^^ :sunglasses: Just joking… he had to attend the crystal plain in space - some army in old fashion high borne armor meet their once in a while; they discuss strategies in that location - how to send people into the sea (IT’S BAD IF UR THE ONE BEING SENT TO THE SEA… ROUGH TIDES/)… but it’s rather complicated… had the chance to attend one of their meetings once - you can ask him about it once he’s back… oh, also don’t forget to ask about ‘‘where it’s from?’’ - the place

Ha! He doesn’t know where he is from

Alex will understand what I mean :D… is it still quiet?

Yeah haven’t heard a peep since yesterday

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mind if I ask… what did he say? - that thing you felt you couldn’t tell on the forums :stuck_out_tongue: c’mon, just for laughs :smiley:

What did he say about what?

When I told you we’ll have to put him down if we don’t win :smiley:

Oh yeah no it is rude

yea, just say it :smiley: even put nnumbers on it so it won’t be sensored haha

Nope! You will forever be guessing

I’ll tell the winged guardian to release Alex … but only if you tell me :smirk: even message it if you can :smiley:

I bet you could guess what he said. I will just say it involved the f bomb

ok, here it goes… my friends in the space plain army put Alex in holding… but I can put in a word for his release… but only if you tell me exactly what he said :D…

Haha nope. It’s not going to happen.

Haha I am positive.

Knock it off @David. We’re here to support each other not pry or fuel other’s symptoms. Also, you’re locked at TL0 (new user) to prevent you from PMing other members, so please stop requesting that they PM you.

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