Voice gone?

I was recently infected with pneumonia and during my sickness i had a horrible fever. During this time I had wild dreams and my brain did not feel right at all. I was taking my A-psychotics while sick and since getting over the fever my bad voice has gone. I don’t understand how it happened, has anyone gone through something like this? Even when im off meds its totally gone

I don’t know why it’s gone, but I think it’s great news!!! What a relief! I hope it lasts :slight_smile:

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Sometimes when I get sick my voices stop completely, I think it’s cause all my brain energy is going to getting better. But idk why it’s gone but it’s good to be rid of a mean voice!

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That’s so weird. I would think doctors could study this link between being sick and not hearing voices. Maybe it could be beneficial to investigate.


I do too, I try to upkeep my SZ and keep it in check. So its nice to little relief

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That makes sense in my opinion, but in my case it felt like my brain got re wired when i was sick and i think certain things may have gotten fried or connected and it made the voice go away.

Im glad you have had relief from them especially when youre sick

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I’m going to notify my pdoc about it at next meeting soon!

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