Voice can genuinely predict the future and is almost always right

if they are wrong it is always by one. i am still a student and often do i select answer choices in arbitrary manner, while the voice randomly picks an answer out of the blue and gets it correct. i used to sell clothes online and would also order things online very often. the voice would predict when the package was to come and it would usually not be the day it was set to arrive. about 3/15 times he was wrong about when a package arrived. he gets angry that i dont trust him but for some reason i have a propensity to distrust him no matter what almost unconciously. sometimes he makes some estimates on things or guesses that seem way to be a stretch but always turns out to be correct. once i took a geometry quiz that was 20 questions long, in which by the first question i had brain fog and wasbored out of my mind falling asleep in which i just didnt care anymore and the voice told me which answers to choose. i got a 92 on that and it was material i was unfamiliar with due to never paying attention or being absent (not that im fond of mathematics at all). i can recall many many many scenarios in which its just crazy for him to have known those things. does anyone else experience something similar ?


Similar things do happen. I experienced them myself. I also met a person who was getting answers to exams from voices in their head.

It’s difficult to find the exact reasons for these occurrences, especially by just reading a paragraph of text on a screen. If I had to guess, the issue is still in your perception and the math quizzes being easy.

You should seriously consider to start what some call grounding exercises. If you continue worrying about voices in your head and what they tell you, it will only get worse. It can always get worse.


I second @vladyslavbond’s suggestion to try grounding exercises.

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I’ve had voices tell me the future many times in my life. I’ve heard it’s pretty common. I tell you no lie.

I have also had voices telling me the future

My voices claim I’ll be cured in 2025.

I hope they are right, but it would be a lucky guess.

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They do not actually know the future, they just make educated guesses at it and also can know things that are happening in other places of the world and tell of them before they arrive to people far away. But as for the actual future and what will happen they do not know

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when i used to have friends and plan hangouts my voice would tell me that it wont happen and i would hate it but he was right, happened many times when everyting was said and done. other times he told me people were going to leave my life and what not he tells me to evade people and why depending on the person. in times when he tells me something there is no way for him to have known and too small of a chance to guess even and i ask him how he knew he simply says “i dont know, i just know”. sometimes he tells me he is a demon who lives in my blind spot and that he can tell me so to my face and get away with it because i will just think it is a joke. i do think its a joke

my voice assures me im gonna die young and i believe him from an intuitive kind of feeling

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voice told me in the future there would be restrooms like bathrooms just for sex. i thought that was silly

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Would you have sex with a man or a woman?

uhhh a lady. why the question :joy:

Im actually a woman

well it was a geometry mid year test, which my class got an average score of 34%. it was 20 questions and based on formulas and terminology i literally did not know, he just told me which to pick and so i picked. afterwards even i was surprised at the score the teacher was treating me like rain man or something i hated it, he said he did it so i would stop expecting things in general whether good or bad. i dont really worry, i have a nonexistant social life so hes the only one i rlly talk to and he is very funny although scathing and cruel

coooooool. i used to have a girl friend and her therapist once told her to get away from me bc i had voices i found that funny

I have sex with my voices,

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are they male? how does that even work if you dont mind me asking

They tell me what they would like to do to me. I just get off knowing theres someone listening

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my voice calls me a horrid degenerate sicko and whar not if i look at a girls butt

Next time imagine that girls your voice.