Vocational rehabilitation

My social worker referred me to a government funded vocational rehabilitation services office to get education to get training for a new job.

I’m wondering if participating puts me at risk of being declared no longer disabled.

I also don’t know if I can handle either school or a full time job.

The job I’m referred for education in is a health information technologist position. It’s maintaining medical information databases - more with info/less with people than my previous work.

I’m also afraid of failing. My brain lesions have done a number on my memory and critical thinking skills


so your husband stopped working and is leaving it to you?? boy, I don’t want to get started on this…it is unfair you are taking so much on…

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Why is it unfair @jukebox ? My husband tried but couldn’t do it. That’s why he’s on disability in the first place. He’s totally and permanently disabled. So now I’m trying

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You may be able to go to school part time through VR. That’s what I did anyway

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Did it make you lose SSDI?

Attending the program will not make you lose SSDI. It is only a program that helps you get ready to work. You get a counselor who will help you figure out what kind of job would be sustainable for you, and then there are certain grants and scholarships that will help you get certifications to do that job. It can’t hurt to just go through the intake, and see what kind of training you might qualify for, or figure out what kinds of jobs would be more sustainable for you.

Some states have the “ticket to work” program, which grants you a certain time period of full time employment without losing your disability award status. I don’t know much about that, but the member who used to go by Chew or JohnnyBgood used it for a while. If he’s still around, he could tell you more.

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Thanks @NinjaComet . Yeah my state has ticket to work.

I’m glad to know getting training and/or education won’t cause me to lose SSDI.

Q15: Will I lose my Medicare eligibility if I participate in the Ticket Program?

A: No. As long as you continue to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit payments, you will continue to remain eligible for the same medical coverage. There are also Work Incentives that allow you to continue your medical coverage once you begin earning enough that you stop receiving SSDI payments. If you currently receive medical coverage through Medicare, you can continue to be eligible for coverage for at least 93 months after the last month of your Trial Work Period.

More info

The TWP allows you to test your ability to work for at least 9 months. During your TWP, you will receive full SSDI benefits no matter how much you earn as long as your work activity is reported and you have a disabling impairment.

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Thanks @NinjaComet

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Good luck! I hope it is super fun and helpful!

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I’m actually going to vocational rehabilitation tomorrow HOWEVER I know I don’t stand a snowballs chance In HELL of successfully getting me a job I’m not the least bit optimistic about it I’m gonna fail theve never even seen someone so stupid just saying

As long as you believe this, it will definitely be true. So many people are terrified of the pain of failure, so they try to protect themselves by refusing to hope for success. That never works. We tell Starlet failure is a life skill, and that he needs to practice failing at things so he can get better at it.


I think my self esteem will drop to absolutely nothing if I fail but if I get and keep a job I’ll feel happy I used to work with mentally handicapped people then my psychosis got wayyuuu too severe I think i might be back on track but idk

I tried out VR services back in 2020.

They signed me up for a multi-part course on how to find jobs, update your resume, and write cover letters (among other things).

The course was super helpful, and I got hired at a competitive cosmetics retailer.

Getting hired was, however, the easy part of the whole thing— staying employed is a different story.

My symptoms got pretty bad, and I ended up having to leave and go on SSDI in 2022.

I am actually in the process of signing up for VR services again— and hopefully they will be able to help steer me in the direction towards steady and gainful employment tailored around my needs.

I hope you gain something super useful from the experience, @CoCo :+1:.


Good luck @Schztuna . I hope they help you find something you can succeed at. :slight_smile:

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That is the part that people need to practice. Myself, included. This song helps me work through it.

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While I agree that there’s no hope if you don’t try I’m gonna give it my best shot me and my mom were talking about it she said “even if you can’t work you can still do archery and go fishing” idk I was once working with ASD kids for 2 years biggest highlight of my life next too putting out a forest fire


Regardless of whether you end up in a sustainable paying job or not, you will have succeeded in gaining experience and understanding of yourself. You know?

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Yeah. Good point @NinjaComet. My peer just told me the place I’m going to allowed someone she knows to try different jobs out for a week at a time until they discovered what they were able to do. Thats pretty cool

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