Vivid dreams

its two weeks i see ectra licid vivid dreams loke movies and its hard to tell it was dream whn i wakeup why it happens evwry night am i crazy?its like the whole holliwood movie. is it related to sx

I’ve been also seeing many very vivid dreams recently, a few of them were also lucid (I knew I was dreaming). The topic tends to be about my condition, and many times how I’d try to escape from this condition. Then the fake thoughts will come in telling how it was my fault I haven’t escaped from this condition. According to the fake thoughts this is part of the plot to torture me after death for eternity, and I myself will be framed “guilty” in it.

One time the voices could tell in advance what is going to happen in my dream. The voices call them “fake dreams” and claim that the program that controls the voices produces those dreams. I wake up many times during night, and often when I fall asleep again the dream continues where it left off. They tend to be very short towards the end of the night, one night I counted waking up more than 25 times. I’ve had voices in some of the dreams as well. A few times it has made me believe the dream wasn’t a dream. It took a few moments to realize it was.

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