Vitamin d3

Anyone tried vitamin d3? The sunshine vitamin. They say you should take it with vitamink2.

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I take it and it works great. Takes a few months to work, but in my opinion it helps big time. I eat grass fed real butter that contains k2 , it’s called kerrygold butter, Mmmm yum yum

Thanks. I love butter.

How much d3 do you take and when do you eat the butter or dies it matter?

I bought a d3 oral spray (3000 iu in each spray) , I spray 2 pumps in my mouth, so I get about 6000ius. And I just eat butter every day on potatoes, fish and sandwiches etc… Some days I don’t use the butter when it runs out, but it’s ok to miss a day now and then. It’s important not to overdose on D3 and once your levels are normal you only need to supplement every once a week or two. D3 can be toxic if you do too higher dose for too long

The D3 spray I bought is called Dlux

I take vitamin D3, I have a deficiency

It is common to have a deficiency of D, particularly if one has schizophrenia. Vitamin D3 is prescribed for me.


Is that so? I keep getting blood test results that I am low in Vitamin D and I don’t know why so I am taking a supplement.

Who prescribes it for you? Do you live in the states? Do you know about to co-vitamin k2

@twinkit Since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, Doctor has added Vitamin K2.


Of course, D2 and D3 are different things.

One problem with D is absorption. I take sublingual losenges. Also, my multivitamin pills have D in them.


Thanks. mine is D3.

And Jayster, I remember you from when I used to read the forums in like 1999 :slight_smile:

It’s cool.

@Pamito Where you been?


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I didn’t visit the forums for a decade or so! Just came back now :slight_smile:

Had a terrible day today. Took k2 with d before bed and woke up in the middle of the night.

Angry and crabby today. Nice to customers but crabby in the back. Not sure if it is the lack of sleep.

Thought d3 was great by itself. But I took it during the day after a meal.

Just bought fennel seed which is a good k2 and the Kerry gold butter that was recommended.

I am very sensative to supplements. They go straight to my frontal lobe in a an hour.

Don’t know what is going on but I have tried many with the same result. Brain paralyzation. Had high hopes for the D3 until today.

My general practitioner prescribed vitamin d for for me. I’m pretty sure it is d3.

My d2 was very low i got to take vitamin d2 for 12 weeks

Not a supplement - but I’m going to start using the Kerry Gold butter.

Hi there, Did you hear about Vitamin B3. I read that it helps in SZ.