Vitamin D deficiency and Low Testosterone levels


I went to see my family doctor and he showed me my blood test results. It showed that I have a vitamin D deficiency - my levels were moderately low - My Testosterone levels were low also - this explains a lot.
I am in the process of supplementing with Vitamin D3 and my doctor is going to retest my Testosterone levels in about 3 months - I have been feeling fatigued and having generalized pains lately - having some stomach/intestinal issues - feeling down a bit, it might be from the vitamin D deficiency and low Testosterone - who knows. Hopefully now I can start feeling better


My nutritionist says there is a big difference between Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3.



Your low testosterone levels might also be due to a deficiency in zinc, the body needs zinc to produce testosterone and if you don’t have enough your testosterone levels won’t be right. There’s a product called ZMA (Zinc + Magnesium Aspartate) that will help with that, it’s not a steroid but it’ll just correct anything that’s wrong in there.


Hey thanks for this