Visual memory deficit -anyone else?

Does anyone else here have this?

I have a rather severe case of this based on the human benchmark test of such. Levels 6,6,6,7,6=6.2 1.4 percentile .
Some may be attributable to age, but nowhere near to this extent .

Visual memory uniquely predicts anhedonia in schizophrenia but not bipolar disorder

i reached level 14 in that test. its a great site to test basic cognitive functions.

i got level 12.

actually i got 14 level by using memory technique. by grouping squares to bigger ones.

low thyroid level is linked to poor visual memory so if you are having trouble visualizing pictures then check thyroid level. many of the cognitive functions including memory is linked to thyroid function.

Thanks for the info @pr21 but this is a decades long thing. Have had numerous blood tests over the years. None have flagged up a thyroid problem .

When checking thyroid the normal range vary a lot. For example normal range for TSH is .5 to 5.0 and if found the value anywhere in this range doctors consider it as normal but recent studies shows this range should be reduced further for optimal function. Now a value close to 1.0 is considered optimal and anything over 2.0 is sub optimal and small small symptoms can result like for example memory problems, hair loss, weight gain etc. Also several psychiatric drugs can reduce thyroid function so its vital to monitor thyroid function regularly to prevent side effects of low thyroid hormone levels. The good news is its easy to correct low thyroid level using synthetic thyroid pill.