Visual hallucinations Scarry

I know that lots of people hear voices but have any of you had any hallucinations where you see people who are not there, and that they look completely real, because I have and it is really Scarry, I have even been touched by them, and it really freaks me out.

Yeah they look just like real people right?

Yea I’ve seen them as well I believe they are spirits and that they are visions not hallucinations.

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I don’t typically see people, except maybe quickly out of the corner of my eye. Usually if I see something scary it’s deformed monsters or demons. The other night I saw demons quickly dart behind my dresser. When I looked away I saw them poke their heads back out to look at me but they’d duck behind again when I looked at them dead on.

I also have dealt with feeling things that weren’t there but generally I don’t ever see what’s doing it. That’s probably a very good thing.

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before meds i would constantly see an evil woman stabbing me in my bed. Elyn Saks had similar hallucinations i think…

I see shadow people, but mostly angels and demons. I also see bats, spiders and bugs in general…
My hallucinations have never been human-oriented.
They used to scare me. Sometimes I’ll jump a little, startle or do a double-take at first still, but it’s been a long long time and they’re just a part of my life now.