Visual hallucinations in children with schizophrenia may be due to delayed brain development

Visual hallucinations among children with schizophrenia may be due to delayed development of the inferior longitudinal fasciculus, as results from prospective brain MRI analyses showed genetically influenced and connection-specific developmental abnormalities in the schizophrenia connectome.

“The onset of symptoms [of childhood-onset schizophrenia] typically occurs before puberty, an active period of brain development during which marked changes in white matter organization take place. Studying brain connectivity development longitudinally in patients with [childhood-onset schizophrenia] and their clinically unaffected siblings is therefore of particular interest, as it enables mapping of abnormal changes during key developmental windows and the ability to characterize neural endophenotypes,” study researcher Andrew Zalesky, PhD, of the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health in Victoria, Australia, and colleagues wrote.

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