Vision problems

my sister when was 20 years had his first psychotic episode and started to say that she didn’t see clearly and to see things blurred … when it is returned to normal and when the psychotic episode is over she said she already child and as a teenager he could not see well and that they have never seen good and saw things blurry … we did make her an eye examination but everything seems ok … what do you think? it’s only his imagination?

Are you using a translator?

yes…sorry for my english, i’m italian

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Let me see if I got it straight, your sister had psychosis which caused vision problems, but, nothing was really wrong.

Better yet, say it in Italian, we may get it better.

quando mia sorella aveva 20 anni ha avuto il suo primo episodio psicotico e iniziò a dire che non ci vedeva bene e che vedeva le immagini sfocate…quando l’episodio psicotico è finito e è stata bene ci ha detto che lei fin da bambina e da adolescente non vedeva bene e vedeva le cose sfocate…quindi le abbiamo fatto fare una visita agli occhi e il dottore ci ha detto che è tutto ok e che non ha problemi alla vista…cosa ne pensate?è la sua immaginazione?

The blurred vision could have been stress induced. Did she do any illegal drugs?

No, she doesn’t

Well, I know my vision is worse when tired or stressed.

First thought was is she on a anti-depressant? They can really add to blurred vision.

Speaking from experience. I have had blurry vision, numb tongue, gritted jaw bones, ridged posture. Similar to catatonia. Most of this happened after the first hospitalization. Each time something like that happened, I’d switch psychatrists It is good that you care for your sister. It is a bit like Che Sara… Volare isn’t so bad hah to listen to, only that it is your breath that reaches the sky, aeroplanes are not so bad either hah. Bonnevanucci muito benno. :blush: