Viruses and Schizophrenia


Hi Mozart does this explain why i go into remission with minocycline after 3 full days taking it negative and positive symptoms?

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I think it dose how long do you take it for?

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You should get a stool test to see if you have a parasite

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Antibiotics don’t work on viruses.

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I’ve had it tested long time ago and nothing was detected

EPV is associated with ■■■■ ton of diseases and there is no vaccine for it. There are more research to be done…

Another thing is that Ive always felt sick when I eat and recently found out that Im lactose intolerant a classic sign is that you feel sick after you eat anything with cheese Im getting a blood test for allergies soon to check whether Im allergic to any other food

When I first got sick I was physically sick first with a viral infection I had three viral infections over a number of years then I started hearing voices. I know that HIV, Epstein Barr Virus, parasites, IBS can all at times get schizophrenia thats why I think it starts with a virus, parasite or bacteria. According to Chinese medicine it has to do with the gut the liver and the gallbladder excess phlegm and reversed chi energy thats why Im taking chinese herbs for the gut liver gallblader and phelgm and chi energy.

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