Virtual world travels

We all have traveled somewhere and we have memories of these travels, we may not remember all, but maybe some most significant experiences. These are stored in our brains. Could this also be achieved by new virtual world travels in which people would experience new experiences, worlds and events through these virtual travel trips? I believe that these could implant some memories in our brains that we would perceive later as these had really happened without ever going anywhere, but sitting in the front of the virtual travel systems. Maybe this is the future.

There is an episode on the series “Twilight Zone” where this guy sells his happy memories from his own head to be implanted in other people’s brains. This isn’t what you write about, but it is a little similar. Some of the new technologies in the next century are going to make us confront ethical problems.

I believe that in the future we can also do these ‘time travels’ back to the past better. Already over hundred years ago taken photographs enable us to go back to the past, but this new technological development enables us to record our lives better now and even better in the future and what we can provide to our future generations is more perfect memories of our lives now, our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings, our relations. In the past centuries ago only rich people such Kings etc. were able to record their existence in paintings painted by now famous painters, but now we all can do this or start doing this. I hope that in 2100 somebody reads this my message today.

You already can. It’s called astral projection and remote viewing. It’s basically a deep trance meditation where you can escape your physical body, sometimes through hypnosis. I practiced it but never was able to locate actual places. I only managed lucid dreaming and spontaneous lucid dreams. I’m very curious about this topic as i want to learn to meditate and create a virtual paradise and see if I can get others to find it. This experiment was done in one of the research forums I was on many years ago and the people seemed to have success with it. They’d use a landmark and everyone would meditate on it at the set time even remotely, and then describe what they saw in the trance and see if others details matched. Isnt that sooo cool??

In the midst of the Cold War both the Soviets and the Americans employed
psychics to spy on each other’s activities. These were the so-called
remote viewers. Both the CIA and the US Army conducted remote viewing
intelligence programs. The US Army’s program, known by the code name
Star Gate, was initiated in the late 1970’s by the gifted natural
psychic, Skip Atwater. For ten years Skip was the Operations and
Training Officer during which time he recruited and trained an elite
group of professional remote viewers, through whom he conducted
thousands of intelligence-collection missions.

Yes, these remote viewers are known. Back in 1993 I was very interested in virtual reality worlds and I did some research on this, Back then the technology was not so advanced as it is today and it will be more advanced in the future.

I just tested my remote viewing, and was very accurate. I think it’s the season and it helped to watch an instructional video on it. It was an image of a man leaping into a mud pit, and I got lots of details and wrote down words depicting what I envisioned. It’s a cool tool to increase creativity, mental stamina, motivation and tranquil mindset.