Virtual Texas Instrument Calculators for Free


The things you need can be found between these two sites.(Assuming you want to emulate the 84+ Color Silver Edition[Cause why not?])

The download from Texas Instruments gets built by the Wabbitemu program into a rom file for use… You can do this with other calculator images found on the TI website… I’m not going to post them all here [Cause why should I?]…

To top it all off… and explain why this thread even exists and is in the creativity section… I spent about 12 of the last 24 hours working on a new skin for the emulator…

YOU WILL HAVE TO BIND THE KEYS YOURSELF TO USE THE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS. This can be done in the option menu… I’m not going to copy/paste my config file on here or find a place to host it. It’s a pretty straightforward process though… the buttons on my skin have the additional label of corresponding keyboard keys.

The point and click interface will work fine either way… You can even edit out the white numbers and get rid of them if you just want to do your ow keybindings.

But my skin has a larger screen area and much larger buttons…

So here’s the skin:

And the keymap:(You’ll need both)

In action (With attached LCD turned on):


Great work! Got it on my phone and lappy. <3


I wish I had a droid… these calculators were perfect… I’ll probably settle for a windows 10 2in1 or tablet down the line…

Thanks Derpy :smile:

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Do what i did out with a stats proff! She got like every one and model made :smiley: A table could work, i can ask around if someone knows where to get of the calculator on the cheap. As for the students we normal point out the software as most have no idea is there.

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I think android is much more efficient system… but mid to high spec tablets are already more powerful than this laptop from 3 or 4 years ago… Using this as my standard for funcitonality… I just need a little more juice you know… I run into things the just barely don’t run…

Tough choice… windows 10 device would fit in seamlessly with my setup… but and android might be better as far as customization…

Really I’m thinking about emulators… most are getting ported to android now… the thing is windows already has all of them… Android just has an abundance of software that optimizes the tablet/phone experience…

But windows 10 tablet should function just like my computers do… unfortunately its tough to find any that have more than 4 gigs ram built in… or go beyond integrated intel graphics (which isn’t that bed either these days)…

I don’t know… can’t afford it for a while anyways… even going to school though… A nice 9 inch tablet would really make management a breeze… especially with a full TI84 operating on it… as I’ll be taking math classes for sure…

Sounds like you got time to make a choice, with the saving pennies, sadly i lost most of my IT know-how after a bad break, i barely can remember a think i had once learned. Once apon a time i just write and read code like magic, now i look at it and go wtf?

Really is down to What do you want it for?
What are you going to use it for?
What tables meet your needs?

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Yeah… We’ll basically it’s more of a utility thing… just simple apps… but I’d like it to be sort of future proofed… Portability is obviously what I’m going for…

I have a good tower… I’ve got this laptop which is doing most of what I want really well… My tower is set up for games like fallout 4 and the next elder scrolls coming down the line… the problem is I’ll spend more on electricity than the games themselves…

So yeah I don’t really know…My iPhone has limits but I wouldn’t jailbreak and android phone either…

Did you know they can jailbreak windows now? It’s funny I was trying to give myself system level permissions (Impossible unless you have windows pro)… but it can be done…

So maybe that decides it right there… I can root an android tablet… full control… I’ll keep my iphone as more of just a phone.

Think you may of answered your question there.
Go with the Android, keep the iphone as a phone, i have jsut about everything on my iphone locked out so is just a phone, as that’s all i wanted a phone! Is so easy to wind up the phone store staff with “All i want is a phone that calls, texts and helps me not get lost and not forgot stuff” Gets a blank look back “But is does all this stuff!” and around me gooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. Back on topic, sounds like your set a good tower for home, gaming needs, a lappy for other things, phone for phone and the table for on the go.

I dislike having a lot of things so lappy, phone and 3D DS XL for pokemon! is it for me.

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Hah nice… I’m going to be buying a psp go for me and my brother this christmas… they are hackable to say the least… but I’ll be able to play soul calibur at christmas with my sisters and him having to PSPs floating around…

I would only take the table out if I knew I’d need it… like for school or something… otherwise it’d just be for reading stuff at the dinner table or in bed… would be more comfortable than the phone…

Thought about getting a kindle… but fire OS doesn’t compare to android… the devices are cheap though.

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For reading I have to have a book, a e-reader is a good thing, i just need a book to be a book, but a table would be larger screen to read form is normally a plus, had a friend that hacked psp’s to do about everything possible.

For the table, is sounds like a choice of make, model vs cost vs is use

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Thanks for helping me sort that out… android seems obviously the #1 platform for mobile software now… I know where I should be looking.

No problem, you’re very welcome.

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Yeah I’ve already got the hacks all lined out… The emphasis is still gaming… but they did have on of HPs z80 calculators on there… very similar to the TI stuff

Sounds it, i only really use look at mine for grading or when my head feels super clear, forgive me i think i’m going to be having a bad night…Nothing to do with you is been great talking this stuff over.

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Do what you gotta do… don’t worry about me… Take care

I always take care. Is more all the music im listening to has more memories to it than i was brace for. BRACE FOR INCOMMING! Sounds of a space battle

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Yeah I get that… I’ve been “collecting” youtube vids for a while… was going over ratatat’s discography today to finally consolidate what I did and didn’t like…

There was a whole album that took me back to the prodromal days back before I knew anything about what was going to happen… a different town… totally different life… (Same Music :smile:)… creepy

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Yea…I know that, i forget i got so much music saved, aka video download helper and hit on one or a number of them that takes me back to a completely different life, time and in most cases a completely different whole person for me, thats DID for yea. sz did bipolar im my own word puzzle! =^_^= So i have to be careful with music as some can trigger off all types of things if im not braced ready for it.

but on the upside it may make me to sing again :smile:

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I totally understand

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