Vilazodone experiences?

So prozac was giving me sexual dysfunction, so someone suggested i try vilazodone. How effective is vilazodone in controlling anxiety, ocd and panic disorder compared to other SSRIs ? Its pretty expensive though.

Vilazodone (Viibryd) is known to be more upsetting on the stomach than other SSRIs, but it is proven to be easier on the libido and sexual side effects than other SSRIs, including Prozac.


Anybody else have taken viibryd/vilazodone ? Did it work for u /?

SSRI’s can cause PSSD (Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction). Reason I wouldn’t take them. Read up about it, to say these drugs are very little more effective than placebo they should be banned. Cause more harm than good and they say you become dependent on them. I think they just prove that psychiatrists really don’t have the best interests of people in mind.

i have started a pro biotic treatment today, for the second time in my life

i get an instant anti depressant effect from it, last time too
it keeps your gut bacteria in balance and works on seratonine in the brain because of that

i recommend nutrimonium by metagenics vanilla flavour, trust me it’s high quality

it works better then any SSRI i’ve taken before like Paxil and Sipralexa