Videos in your head

I was wondering if it’s normal for an sz to see videos in their head?

I sometimes see vivid videos of me doing things, like killing the cat or harming myself, or getting on a train to god knows where and leaving without a trace.
It used to disturb me quite a bit, but now I just shrug it off.

Sometimes it still triggers unwanted thoughts, and makes it a little hard to focus. It’s like an uncontrollable daydream.

Does anyone else get those?

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I don’t get the images, but I do get the thoughts. Sometimes they are very disturbing, but I shrug them off. I imagine this must be harder with images.

My schizophrenia can play whatever things it wants to in my minds eye.

Right now it showed me a cat as an example. Then an (inserted) thought came saying “that’s a picture, not video”, and then it played a walking cat in my mind to show it can play videos, too.

They are not particularly vivid though, almost like imagining something, maybe a bit more vivid than that.

@Jesse25 has vivid visual hallucinations blocking his vision.

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I guess. Probably where my psychic thoughts came from. Feel like man in the high castle. Videos from parallel worlds.

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I had a few of these last night drifting off. One was of megaman playing a level that doesn’t exist, then exploding into a hundred tiny megamans.

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I try to remember what happened to me in college. It’s like 60 percent real, 30 percent from parallel universes, 10 percent fantasy more or less. It’s like trying to remember yourself in your mother’s womb. I sometimes confuse TV with reality. It makes me the perfect victim…

But yes, I had fantasies that I’m like the old fat guy in man in the high castle who makes anti-fascist films lol. Not really.

I probably got millions of memories. Probably thousands of pictures and videos in my head. Some real, some not real. Mostly from other lives in other bubble universes…

I used to get these. Therapy for intrusive thoughts helped make it go away.

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Yes I get these off and on, so no you are not the only one

I get those all the time with feelings

When think or visualize it appear as if real.

I had very unpleasant experiences with being video. I’d see video of nude women. I’d see video like a demo for the Nintendo Wii. I had to change it to something like art. It’s better to see something then like Lumosity, or Brain H.Q., or the Sims. It’s better to see the extra abstraction like in Salvador Dali, or Wassily Kandinsky. Yet, this can be distracting, too. I think I was concerned with the term scopophilia:


(ˌskɒpəˈfɪlɪə) or



(Psychiatry) the condition or act of gaining sexual pleasure from openly looking at sexorgans or acts


1. Also called passive scopophilia . the deriving of sexual pleasure from viewingnude bodies, sexual acts, or erotic photographs; voyeurism.
2. Also called active scopophilia, scoptophilia . an abnormal desire to be seen,especially genitally; exhibitionism. — scopophiliac, n. — scopophilic, adj.

I have this to were I play video games of levels or games that haven’t came out my voices do this to prove that they are god and have creative power

i used to get all sorts of intrusive images. could be me, or could be zooming through space seeing random planets and stuff. or it could be video games being replayed over and over like sonic the hedgehog getting air bubbles or becoming super sonic. lots of random stuff.

It faded away over the last 10 years, i really dont even know why it went away.

What kind of thoughts

Packing up and going to live somewhere remote by myself. Or giving up on everything and driving out of town as far as I can go. Or swerving into the oncoming lane while driving. Or injuring myself often in a specific way.

I actually did two of those things before medication. The thoughts went away on high doses, but as the dosage came down the thoughts came back. I haven’t acted anything out since though.

I don’t think I think things through in pictures well generally, so that might be why I don’t get the images.

I used to see sonic the hedgehog getting all the chaos emeralds and becoming supersonic. Or it would be sonic almost drowning but getting an air bubble.

Like repeatedly for a few years.

Closed eye hallucinations were common for me during the day. It was weird I could see it all in my mind with my eyes open, and when I closed my eyes it was all there

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I’ve seen Minecraft, Rust, and Kingdom Hearts in closed-eye hallucinations while drifting to bed.

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Yes I get all kinds of bizarre and scary thoughts and images.
These intrusive thoughts and images are common with OCD.

That can be downright scary!

What kind of images?