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Video: Why I’m not anti-psychiatry



“Combat veterans suffer a form of psychosis that is caused not by biology but by stress.”

The whole blog is based on this idea that many mental illnesses are not based on biology. WRONG. Stress changes the biology, stress causes a lot of biological changes in levels of different biological molecules like adrenaline, dopamine etc.


This is like the nature vs nurture debate, which is also completely misunderstood by most. It’s never nature or nurture, it’s always a combination. The same goes for biology vs psychology for mental illnesses. You can’t have an illness of the brain without it affecting you psychologically, and you can’t have a psychological problem without it affecting you biologically.


@treebeard I’m changing my medication back to Clopixol injection. Don’t know if you saw that post I made.


Do you think it will work better? Are you afraid of side-effects?


I was on it for over two years. There are side effects to begin with, but after that it was decent. I wish I stayed on it.


I hope it works out well for you and better than Seroquel!


Agree, they intertwined. But for combat veterans there can be genetic predisposion first. Not every veteran develops these symptoms.


I’m on Clopixol too and also like being on it. I take one 10mg Clopixol tab daily and that’s the only medication of any kind that I’m currently on, and I’m doing well.