Video games and a 10 year old

Omg… so my husband lets my step son play literally any video game and he’s 10 years old… I just heard the sentence “I like punching her teeth in, it’s fun” like are you effing kidding me… I looked up the maturity rating of the game and all I found were parents being like “this game is definitely for 17 year olds or older…” like?? Ugh.

I wanna play him the movie apocalypto or pans labyrinth and my husband says “those are too intense…” :roll_eyes: yet he’s letting him play these video games


I lived a very sheltered world growing up. No bad movies. No fighting games.

I turned out allright :blush:


Well that’s not a bad thing…

My parents let me watch horror movies and the movies “scary movies” when I was in like 1st grade😂

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I wasnt even allowed to listen to weird al yankovich in grade 5. My dad complained to my teacher when i told my dad about a song i heard lol.

So my teacher was all butthurt and announced to the class that someone told there parents and ruined it for everyone :rofl:


LOL! Poor kid😆

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Yeah going into highschool was eye opening lolz


I was shooting zombies and Nazis at like age 9 and I’m fine /twitch (eyes blink asynchronously).

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My mother let me watch and read whatever I wanted and I turned out…


Hey, how about this weather we’re having?


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