Video game thread!


AOE2 is a classic. Do you play Starcraft 2?


Apex Legends? Overwatch?

Also, what is this elbow stand you speak of?


Do any of you schizophrenics play one of the hypest fighting games of all time:

Marvel vs Capcom 2: A New Age of Heroes?


I come from the Quake / TFC era. Never really got into TF2, just played with the TFC community until they petered out and went to different games.

The elbow stand is the ErgoRest Articulating Arm Rest. It functions like this:

It’s so silky smooth and kind on the mousing elbow, almost feels like a massage.


Did you play Action Quake 2? What FPS are you eyeing to go back to?

Thanks for the link. I have elbow problems too. And pretty much a mind of a child :confused:


I played some Rocket Arena in Quake 2. Spent hundreds of hours in it.

I’m thinking of going to TF2 and / or Overwatch, but I’m not keen on listening to multiple people talking at the same time, causes me to hallucinate. Might just play with bots.

Maybe my med adjustment later today will solve that (going on Rexulti instead of Paliperidone.)

The elbow stand is kind of like a second wind in my desire to play more computer games, but I have to do it responsibly, not for more than 1 hour without a thorough stretching break.

For elbow health, there’s TENS machine bands like this which, when hooked up to a TENS machine, flex the muscles around the elbow, strengthening the area.

TENS machines are pretty affordable, they cost less than $40 for a decent one.


Im going to reinstall diablo 2 already got the clients downloaded. Just need to find working cdkeys


There’s a ‘class’ in Apex Legends called “Wraith” and she “hears” voices that help her… It’s quite an interesting power mechanic… You’ll hear in game, a voice that tells you if you’re being aimed at, and warn you etc…

Competitive Overwatch or competitive any video game these days pretty much necessitates vocal communication (it’s just so much faster!) But some games rely on it less than others. I think I may know what you mean how hearing other people talk can bring about concerns. If I’m ill, I find it’s practically impossible to limit…

I bring up Apex for the last time because it’s the game that turned me onto the “Battle Royale” format: 60 players (3 person per squad; 20 squads) start on a map; once your squad is eliminated, you can leave that game and queue up another one without having to wait out a victor. If you are the victor, all the better (?). I like the idea a lot, at least.

My elbows rest on my chair arms for the most part; chair arms that are falling apart and may give my elbows an allergic reaction (not 100% sure - but my doc is treating it with some sort of anti-inflammatory medicine)

I love video gaming; I picked it partially for its promise of longevity. Do you recall I was at one point obsessed with my ranking on that…


No, I dont really play computer games anymore, I still play aoe2 though because it is my perfect game. There is no best unit like other rts games, you can always just counter it with something else.


Is apex legends a pay to win game? Or can you be competitive without spending money?


Does anyone know if Kerbal Space Program is any good. Spaceflight is an interest of myne and I have seen a YouTuber I like make it look interesting.


Apex Legends seems worth looking into. I’ll investigate it.

Not too keen on the competitive Overwatch scene, I’d just be happy to mingle with casuals in some “over-30” clan. I feel that competitive ship has sailed.

The elbow rest on this ErgoRest articulating arm rest is made of leather, so it should be hypoallergenic (if you ever consider buying one.)

I don’t know about, but it reminds me of which once had ranked Quake matches. The highlight of my ranked Quake days was suicide-killing someone way higher ranked than me in a pool of water by using the lightning gun. I was pretty young and not very skilled at the time.

I eventually moved on to TFC and played in the attack/defence league and my clan had such a good record, like 90% win rate. This was late in TFC’s lifespan so it’s not a huge accomplishment.


Actually, Apex is free to play… and cheaters are banned, but seem to find ways around it. And since it’s free to play… they are hard to keep out.

I just had a game where my teammates suspected the player that took our squad out was cheating. Anyways… I may have to rescind my recommendation of the game.


I haven’t been able to play video games comfortably for the past week. I think it has to do with my lack of sleep. Anyhow, The Division 2 will release in a few hours. I’m looking forward to playing that. It is a cooperative cover based shooter. I played the first one and had a squad who regularly played together. I deleted them from my friend’s list once when I was psychotic and paranoid. It is a shame because they were real cool people. I hope to find some new people to play with but i’m always shy about going on the microphone.

The story of the first one was pretty interesting. It was about a contagious bio engineered virus that was began as a chemical placed on some dollar bills. It spread and devastated the United States. The first one is set in New York while the second one is set in Washington D.C. From my understanding Tom Clancy (an espionage and thriller writer) came up with the premise for the first one. He has since passed away. I hope the story to the second one is engaging. The Division is a unit of elite agents who are supposed to keep the peace and do their best to quell the riots and other problems occurring do to the virus outbreak.

The video game itself plays a bit like a third person Destiny with a modern setting as opposed to a futuristic one. The missions are usually about regaining electrical power for a stronghold then getting medical supplies for an emergency wing, things like that. I wonder what the sequel will have in store. There isn’t a whole lot of blood and gore. Many enemies take loads of bullets before they fall. I think that part is because it is a bit of an RPG game as well. I look forward to playing it after I get some sleep. The store opens in about 11 hours and I have my copy preordered for the Playstation 4 console.


Any ones play street fighter V?


I just beat my first dungeon/boss on Zelda Breath of the Wild and now the amiibo will start dropping the good stuff. Turns out they don’t drop the highest quality stuff unless you’ve beaten at least one boss. I’ve got a bunch of really good swords from shrines but I can’t figure out what to kill with them… there wasn’t much combat in the dungeon. I’m also holding on to wands because I’m not sure if they’re good or not.

I gotta find a way to upgrade my inventory space more. Going searching for fairy fountains, gonna hit up every body of water on the map that isn’t directly labeled. I’ll leave the horse at the stables, gonna do some gliding and climbing.

I really find an immersive game fun, especially this late at night.


I’m bummed out my computer died. It may still be under warranty. I’m going to search for the paperwork tomorrow. I hope so. Otherwise I’ll have to look into computer repair shops. Hopefully it’s the power supply or another inexpensive part and not the video card.


Yes monster hunter is a lot of fun. I havnt been this much into a game since I finished playing red dead redemption. It’s very addictive. More addictive than red dead redemption. However the story in monster hunter world could be better.


I preordered a game called Outward for the PS4. Originally I wanted to get it for my PC but it crapped out on me. Luckily, I sent it in for repairs. It is fully covered by insurance I purchased for it when I first got it.

Outward is an open world game with Dark Souls like combat. It may prove too difficult for me. There is co-op in it and I’m hoping to run into other players who might be good at it. I’m hoping it turns out to be a fun game. I plan on using one handed weapons and magic. From what I’ve seen it is an ambitious game from a small developer. Ten people worked on the game. It is a survival adventure rpg type. From what I understand it is like a mix between Dark Souls and Skyrim with two player co-op.

The game releases on the 26th of this month. I already preordered it. I hope I don’t regret it. I saved up for it all month long. I’m also saving up for my sister’s visit. On the plus side I ate less and lost a little weight. The game looks interesting at least. Too bad my pc crapped out. I think it will be more optimized on the PC than on PS4. It doesn’t have a lot of hype. Matter of fact my local gamestop did not have it available for preorder. I got it on PSN.


In other gaming news, The Elder Scrolls Blades, a game for phones will be released sometime in Spring. From my understanding it will be released as early access for some who pre registered for it. Then it will continuously be released in waves of those who pre registered until it is fully released later this year. I pre registered for it when it was announced. I’m hoping I’ll be able to play it during the early access phase.

Also more gaming news, some of my fellow gamers here may have heard, Google will release a video game streaming service and possibly a console. The name is the Google Stadia.