Video game thread!


i must say i am having a break from video games


I’ve been playing Life Quest recently. My friend and I compete to see who can finish it in the shortest amount of in-game days, haha. My record is 76, his is 70


Super Smash Bros is so addicting. It’s a brilliant game for sure.


I think I’m gonna try to play the Kingdom Hearts series. There’s an anthology out along with the third main game. I only beat KH1 and Chain of Memories when they first came out, so I’ll play through them again before moving on to 2. I really like the way they tie in with Disney stuff.


Darnit I was unable to afford Stardew Valley this month. I might possibly be able to afford it but there is a game called Outward that will be released later this month. I’ve chosen to save up just enough to afford it. It is either Stardew Valley or Outward. Part of the reason is because I’m saving money to help my sister buy plane tickets so she can visit.


Rock on. Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic game. Have fun.


I nearly caved a few months ago for Stardew Valley on PS4. Was only $20 brand new but I have Lego Worlds and Minecraft on Switch and Kerbal on PS4 so I’m also holding off on Stardew. Looks fun though.


Yep! I want to get it on the Switch. I should have gotten it when I saw it on sale a few months back. It is 14.99 on Switch. I’ve read it will be released for android phones sometime this month. I’m contemplating getting Stardew Valley and waiting on Outwards. It might turn out to be a mediocre game for all I know. It just looks interesting at least.

I think it will be released for PS4 as well. It’s an open world game in which you travel around fighting monsters and stuff. It looks fun but who knows. Here is the steam page.


Outward looks good, I hadn’t heard of it.

I started Breath of the Wild on Master mode and it’s ridiculous, weapons I find last for like 8 hits then break, and the easiest monsters have way too much health to kill. I’m trying to get far enough in to get a weapon that doesn’t break. And I can’t use amiibo cards to get weapons until I’ve reached a certain point in the story.

I’m also playing this game without using the wikipedia or looking anything up for it, I think that ruins some of the surprise.

Stardew Valley is real fun, it’s a change of pace from normal video games though. Not a lot of exploration or combat, but there is some, as there are mines that go down dozens of floors with increasingly hard monsters to fight and treasures to find. I’d read some metacritic reviews on it if you are still on the fence.


Breath of the Wild is very fun! It was my first Nintendo Switch game. I have yet to pass it. My now 13 year old godson passed it. I was very proud of him. Without any guides too. I think you’ll do well. I bought the guide myself. I think the only unbreakable sword is the Master Sword. I think even the Hylean shield breaks. I think you’ll have fun with it.

Yeah Outward looks interesting. I want to get it for the PC first and if it’s entertaining enough I might try to convince some friends to get it on PS4. As for Stardew Valley, I plan on getting it next month if all goes well. My big purchase this month will be The Division 2.


I like how this thread comes up after I mass delete a bunch of games to clear up space. But in all, I have 27 games saved to my Steam account. :joy:

The games that I kept are The Cat Lady, Downfall, and Undertale, for some reason. The Cat Lady and Downfall are both indie games made by the same creators and are connected to each other, story-wise. I’m a sucker for indie and horror games. :sweat_smile:

Other than that, I just watch people play video games because:
a) Poor
b) Don’t have the equipment
c) Am a wuss—particularly with the horror games


Watching funny streamers play is sometimes better than solo play. Lirik and Dansgaming come to mind.


Speaking of horror games has anyone played the newest Resident Evil? I nearly rented it from Redbox today. Might have to read some reviews foist.


I can’t play horror games the same way after being diagnosed. Same with horror movies. I still have yet to see the new It movie.


I watched a stream with a guy playing Resident Evil with only the knife. It was incredibly funny. Looked super difficult too.


I personally don’t watch streamers that much but I like gaming channels like John Wolfe because he has a more dry sense of humor and he’s not overly reactive. More outgoing type (?) gaming channels are fun to watch but I don’t like to watch them everyday. John keeps it real imo!



Have you tried We Happy Few? It has some creepy moments in it but I enjoyed it. But I hear ya. Horror movies I love but games like Rez Evil may give me pause.


I think I’ve heard about it. I haven’t played it. I might just watch a stream about it!


What are your most played games on switch ? Mine are

Hollow knight 10 hours
Mario Odyssey 10 hours
Mario kart 10 hours
New Super Mario Bros U 5 hours.
Mario Tenis Aces 10 hours
Zelda Breath of the wild 5 hours.

Not had my switch that long.


I have 345 hours on Smash Brothers Ultimate and 290 hours on skyrim. Everything else is below 20, except Stardew Valley which is like 30 hours. I’ve been playing it for a little over a year and a lot of that smash time is me letting the game sit on the menu.


Anyone else excited for the new Pokémon Sword and Shield?
I have GOT to get me a Switch!