Video game thread!


So put 46 hours into Hearts of Iron 4 over a two week period. Gotta love grand strategy games where your locked in to certain things. I actually had to watch a youtube video to have an idea of what the heck I was doing.

Getting there. Lots of fun for strategy gamers who like ww2 games. It really is a complicated thing and I find a lot of fun! Still learning but soon I will invade South America!


Which country are you playing?

I’ve heard good things about that game.


God i wish i had the attention span of playing video games. Used to play alot - and always waste money each month buying new ones. I always seem to think im gonna sit down for few hours and play em. But never do. Got about forty now on pc - and never seem to bloody touch em! lol.


You should check out Slay the Spire. You can walk away or stare at the screen as much as you need because it’s turn based. That’s the only reason I can handle playing it. I can’t focus on anything more than a few seconds.


I will google it cheers @LED. I lke turn based games as well. Used to love my games :frowning:


Same. I used to be really into League of Legends, but I haven’t been able to play for years.


I’m waiting for Slay the Spire to come to the Nintendo Switch!


Just messing around with America…trying to learn all the systems. First game I’ve ever had to watch a tutorial to even have a clue how to play and I played a lot of the earlier games in the series. It’s serious work but fun too!


Cannot stop playing Apex Legends. So moreish!

Tomorrow I will probably get Anthem, so really excited for that.


I just completed the new Mario game for switch. I’m getting back into Mario Odyssey now I intend to complete that one too. Also been playing a lot of Tetris 99 for switch which is free to download. A lot of fun and very addictive.


Gonna play Switch later. Probably Minecraft or Lego Worlds then some Kerbal on PS4.

Kerbal Space Program rocks. I build wacky ■■■■ that gets off the ground then quickly comes back to the ground. Splat!!! Lol.



Has anybody tried Stardew Valley? I’ve been looking videos of it and it reminds me of Harvest Moon. I’ve been thinking about getting it for the Nintendo Switch next month. If anybody has played it please let me know if it’s any good.


Does anyone here know of good controller or keyboard multiplayer games? I can’t mouse very well, due to elbow problems.

Thinking of getting a PS4 for this reason.

Currently playing lots of Subspace: Continuum on Steam. It’s a good de-stresser to play on my lying-down computer setup (managed to get it working with controller using Joy2Key.) Just need more variety, it’s getting kind of boring.


I use an xbox 360 controller for steam games. It isn’t compatible with every game though there are programs like Xpadder which are designed to make other games playable with a controller.


I play it sometimes. I really like the game :smile:


I’ve heard good things about it. I was wondering what else can you do besides farming?


You can fish and gather resources, and befriend the townsfolk


Stardew Valley is very good, I have a file on PS4 and a new file on switch. It’s got fishing, mining, light combat, farming, and interesting characters. It’s one of the first two games I got for switch, that and Skyrim. Stardew Valley is also pretty cheap and it’s good for a lot of hours of play.


I just bought hollow knight for switch. Has anyone played it ?


I heard its harder modes are really challenging. People really seem to like it. On the Smash Brothers board someone asked what the hardest game everyone had completed was, and a lot of them quoted a difficulty mode from Hollow Knight.