Video game thread!


Blizzard, feed me more…hehe


Anybody here try the new Resident Evil 2 for Playstation 4?


Currently grinding Apex Legends. A lot of fun and easy to learn. My fav legend is Lifeline.


I play it. At the moment I feel it is more fun than Fortnite. And it’s wayyyy better than BO4s blackout mode.


I havent gotten it yet, but will for xbox one. Hopefully soon.


I’m downloading WarGroove for the Switch. It’s by the guys who did Starbound and it looks a lot like Advance Wars / Fire Emblem. Only 20 bucks and has turn-based multiplayer.


I’ll be playing Payday and Lego Worlds on the Switch in a bit.

And maybe Kerbal Space Program on the PS4 later…if there’s time.



OMG Apex Legends just kills Blackout. @ChaosBiology are you on Xbox? I am.

I think Lifeline, Wraith, and Bangalore are strong, but I just watched an IGN video saying Gibraltar is strong so I’ll try that big boy tonight.

I had my first win and it was such a fantastic feeling, even though I got no kills and lots of revives.


I’m downloading apex legends for xbox right now.

Can you actually compete without having to buy stuff? I like that it’s free but I hope you dont need in app purchases to be competitive.


Yeah I’m on Xbox. I’ve also ordered Crackdown 3 and I might buy Anthem too.


Not sure if it’s the Switch or PS4 tonight. I should really get some Kerbal Space Program in. Haven’t touched it for a while.


This is my favorite move on smash brothers, it’s called Thoron and it’s a huge energy blast that’s wicked good fun in a FFA. Takes a little time to charge up but it goes through anything. A character named Robin uses it.


I finally unlocked Robin and have been enjoying playing as him. He’s a fun character and it seems this time around he’s a little stronger.


I’m currently watching my son play “Shadows of War” on his xbox one.


That’s the new Lord of the Rings game right? I haven’t played it. I played the prequel and enjoyed it.


I got invited to a closed beta test for a video game called KurtzPel. It’s an anime type player versus player team based game. The test starts on the 20th and goes on until the 24th. I’m looking forward to it.

I also was invited to the alpha test of The New World an mmo by Amazon. It is fun but I’m finding the community a little bit toxic and elitist. The game itself is fun but I’ve been told off several times for mining ore with a cheap pickaxe. It is a little funny how seriously some people take mining ore.

People in online video games can be really rude.


I was in a closed beta for EverQuest back in I think 1998? I haven’t seen a mmo match that one since.

A Realm Reborn feels more like Monster Hunter, with everything instanced.


Yeah Everquest was awesome. That was when people were actually kind and partied together. Nowadays it often feels like I’m playing an online single player game. I had a friend who was obsessed with Everquest. He probably still plays.

About Final Fantasy XIV, I totally understand where you are coming from. The game feels a little repetitive. I played as a dragoon. It was a little more fun in the later levels. Almost nobody parties in world zones unlike the days of Everquest in its prime.

I played a ton of Ragnarok Online in private servers. I had a bunch of high level characters. Then somewhere along the way I stopped playing video games for a few years. I met some cool people that’s for sure. I recently started playing Star Wars the Old Republic again. I like the storyline. I also play Elder Scrolls online sometimes. It is a bit boring except I tank in that one, keeps it a little bit more interesting.

In Star Wars the Old Republic I’ve decided to go full healer. Maybe I’ll meet some cool people along the way.


I played the one shot demo and it was awesome plan to buy it next month


Anyone playing Slay the Spire? I’ve been wasting so much time on that game lately. It’s so frustrating, though! I’m not very good at it yet but it’s a lot of fun.