Video game thread!


I still have yet to unlock all characters. I’d like to main Robin just cause I’m a huge fan and he has a bit of a diverse moveset. My current main online has been the Mii Swordsman. I also use Marth. I don’t know how I’ve managed it but I remain undefeated online. Granted I’ve only played about 12 matches and I use the Pro Controller. I’ve been holding off on playing it online because I want to purchase the ethernet cord adapter.

I tried my old main Star Fox but I’m just not as good with him. That’s funny about the Street Fighter vs wacky characters bit. I have most trouble fighting the Splatoon Inkling character. Also King K. Rool can be a bit tough. Who are the tougher match ups for you as Ryu and Ken?


Inkling is tough but I’ve learned how to deal with K. Rool. Ken’s strong flaming dragon uppercut scores a guaranteed KO from about 85-100% depending on how heavy the opponent is. I also used to main Fox but am no longer good with him. Inkling’s steam roller is easy to interrupt with hadoken spam.

I die to Yoshi almost all the time. I haven’t played ranked, I’ve only done Battle Arena, but I have about 150 hours played. I use the Pro Controller which I just bought, it is so much better than using the grip with the joy cons.

Hard matchups I would say anybody who uses a sword, because they outrange my jab spam which I often use to beat grab spam. I can sometimes hit them with crouching light kicks and combo that into a fireball. Usually my big challenge is finding a way to land a heavy shoryuken uppercut to KO, once they are above 90%. I either get lucky and they run into it, or I combo from a jump-kick into a shoryuken, which works a lot better but is hard, I screw the input up every now and then and the combo ends with one of his other specials. It’s really easy to punish a missed shoryuken, I’m vulnerable as I fall slowly, a smash attack could easily be charged on me.

That’s an impressive record! I get panicked during ranked matches so I usually avoid them on fighting games.


Tried playing injustice 2, I had it set on easy and was still getting my butt kicked. One of the hardest fighting games I’ve ever played.


Hahah I have a feeling I was beating up casual players or beginners. There was one that almost beat me. We had a rematch and then afterwards we played as a team vs another two. He was using Marth. I’ve beat up a couple Samus players, that Marth, some Link users, that Animal Crossing character, a Captain Falco and a Donkey Kong. The Marth was troublesome because he moves quickly. Isabel from Animal Crossing was also incredibly difficult. We only played once though.

Maybe after I get the wired internet adapter we can play a few matches as a team if possible for fun.


finally playing batman arkham origins, played arkham asylum, arkham city, and arkham knight years ago but never played origins because its made by different company and i assumed it was old and bad thinking it was the first game made since it is origin story but than i found out it is actually newer than asylum and city but just a different story ive played a little of the beginning but have been really busy but now finally have time to play it


Yeah for those type of games learning the different character combos is crucial to winning. I was only decent at Mortal Kombat with Sub Zero because I learned his moveset. As for Injustice, I got it for free when it was part of the PS+ games. I found it difficult but very similar to Mortal Kombat.


ij2 is one of my favorite fighting games, the only thing about fighting games tho is u literally have to spend hours learning combos and techniques or else u will get destroyed and it will be no fun


I played Arkham Asylum. It was very enjoyable. I did not finish because I was hospitalized for an extended amount of time and when I was finally released it was a little triggering for me. Very good games though. I hope you enjoy Origins.


[ coughs ]

[ shuffles feet ]




Yeah, I definitely have to spend more time learning the moves. I’ll restart the game on very easy and see if that helps me learn more moves to be able to play harder difficulties.


at the risk of sounding like a gaming n00b i think “world wars 2” on is an amazing game lol…dont hate


I subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV again. It’s a wonderful game. I do not have any friends on it anymore. I think I was kicked out of my old guild for inactivity. I started a new character on a different server. It is a lot of fun. I wish I had friends to play with. Everyone seems to be a higher level. I’m hoping with the new expansion, there will be new players.


I played Payday 2 and Super Smash Bros today. Both fun games. I may have to spring for the Nintendo Online someday. I love Smash Bros the most.



I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros everyday for about 45 minutes trying to unlock all the characters. I still have yet to unlock Robin. When I do I plan to play it online a whole lot. Did you manage to get the Piranha Plant?


I’m still learning in the VS mode. Haven’t unlocked any characters yet. I love Fox so far and all of the battle grounds you can choose are amazing. Have fun with your game time.



It is very fun. The Piranha Plant character was available for everyone who purchased the game before January 31st. It costs 4.99 now. I managed to get it though the process was slightly tedious. First you had to register the game to My Nintendo then wait up to 10 days for a code to redeem on the store. That’s why I was wondering if you got it.

Fox is one of my favorite characters to play as on Smash. I was good with him in other versions. In this one I’m not so good with him. Still it is one of the most fun fighting games of all time to me. I’ve unlocked about 52 of the 79 characters. I also got the season pass to get the DLC characters. I know they’ve announced 2 so far. One is Joker from Persona 5 (I have a feeling there Persona 5 will come to the Switch) and the other is rumored to be Edrick from Dragon Quest. I wonder who else will be joining the lineup.


Picked up Hearts of Iron 4 on discount and wasted two days on it. It’s ww2 grand strategy but there’s a lot of layers to it and as a perfectionist gamer each play is an exercise in choice. Liking it so far and it’s a pc game that will keep you up at night!


Anyone downloaded Apex Legends? A free Battle Royale by the Titanfall team. Its quite fun, squad based, with a little bit of Overwatch hero characters too.

I’m not good at it, and I’m sick of battle royale games, but this is done well.



You know anything about diablo2 remaster? I heard its in the pipeline but theyve lost the sourcecode or something?


I have no idea. Vaguely remember hearing about it sometime, but that’s it. Would love to play it if it does eventually come out!