Video game thread!


Welcome to the club!!!

Top recommendations for Breath of the Wild, that seems to be the system’s killer app. If you can handle not having the extras that is, I bought some cards with amiibo function to get the extra stuff. I mentioned it earlier, they only cost me 12 bucks.


Dark souls 3 and just cause 4


Arrrrrrrrrrgh. I just made a mess of runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center. Smeared a Space Shuttle on it in XPlane 11. So much for my pride in my piloting chops. Really need to stick to 737s.



Speaking of aviation video games, has anyone tried the new Ace Combat? I’m interested in it though I’d like to hear more before I decide to purchase it.


No worries. I’m a consulting digital accident safety specialist. For $10 I will find you to be not at fault.

Do you use a joystick and those instrument panels. Just curious cuz some people really get into it. I used to play flight sims alot. I was horrible at it.


I haven’t tried it yet. Waiting for Redbox to stock it. But I ordered Super Smash Bros for Switch so looking forward to that.


Did anyone ever play Ultima Online when it was a thing?


I’m a super casual gamer, I’ve never been big into shooters so that leaves me out of a lot of gaming culture as a whole lol. recently I’ve been playing a lot of Katamari Damacy, it’s simple and fun. I like survival horrors as well, especially Silent Hill. I wanna replay Silent Hill 2 some time soon


Yeah there’s a new Katamari for Switch on the store, I was thinking about buying it. I remember the last level of the ps2 one, my katamari was as big as the planet.


yeah, I’m really thinking about getting the new game. the game I’ve been playing recently is We Love Katamari and that’s the one that has the level you’re thinking of in it I think. i used to play that level obsessively all the time lol, I wanted to roll up the king but I’ve never gotten that far yet


I played on free shards for a few months. I feel I missed out on the paid experience.


OH MY GOD We’re talking about Ultima Online nerd time:

I played this game TO DEATH back when you could be a Dread Lord by murdering people. It used to be full out PVP, my friend and I were murderers who scoured the world looking for fine loot. We had quite a reputation on Catskills server, particularly in Moonglow.

I remember teleporting to all the different npc shops and writing down what pieces of what colored plate armor they had so eventually I could put together full colored sets and sell them outside my house on a vendor, made good cash doing that.

Then they banned PVP and the reputation patch hit everyone in reverse and for having a hundred plus murders I was sentenced to lose basically all my skills on my next death. I just retired the character.

PVP fun came back later on in a Halloween version of the game where you’d join a color based team and there were portals that would get a certain skill to 100 right away.

Good times. I tried getting back into it but it’s still no-pvp for the most part and they have released a lot of weird content for it, seems like a lot of trouble. The fun was pvp for me anyway, not pve.


I was a UO kid myself, it was amazing back in the day


Can you guys name some games that are non shooter more melee like diablo for the computer


Path of Exile is the one that comes to mind first. It is free. There is also Grim Dawn and a few others. One is about Vikings though I can’t remember the name at the moment. Then there is Titan Quest.


I was only about 14 but all I did all day, every day was play UO. I still rate it as the best game I have ever played, I had a group of friends on there who were in my guild and we would just meet up every day and go on quests. I never ventured into fell though @agent101g I would just get an adrenaline rush and end up getting killed and losing all my armor as soon as I ventured out of the guard zone at the portal. I mostly made money from mining and selling the ore around the bank in the main city.


@freddiefreaker and @agent101g, I have Katamari Forever on the ps3, and it’s an amazing game.
In the final level, your katamari is essentialy as big as the solar system!
I’ve had endless hours of fun trying to beat the different levels in the different modes, I highly recommend it.


@ilovethaifood holy shiit that’s a complex game.


I’ll admit I have not played it extensively. There are guides online and pages where you can search good builds for the different characters. It does seem a bit complicated with all the abilities and the skills tree. It plays a lot like Diablo at least. I don’t know how many abilities there are.


Hey ilovethaifood, can I ask who is your main character on Smash Ultimate? I go with Ken and sometimes Ryu. I tried other fighters, but with them it feels like I’m playing Smash, and I’m bad at Smash! As Ken or Ryu I’m basically playing an easier version of street fighter against wacky Smash characters.