Video game thread!


So was it worth it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Very much so if you can afford that sort of thing. Those who are on a more tender budget should buy the RetroPie kit and download and install software on their own. Cuts the price in half and then some depending on where you live. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time futzing around with software, so this worked for me.


I’m just downloading Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty for Android.

I have one gamepad to play with it and it’ll be awesome!


I’ve been playing mario odyssey this afternoon on the switch.


I started my character over in Fallout 76. I wasn’t happy with the way I spent my perks on the previous build. This time I’m going for a little more versatility. A melee and rifle build. Last time I invested too many perks on crafting. There weren’t a lot of recipes I could craft. I think this character will rely more on finding weapons than crafting.


I spent a ton of time on mine. I have five points on strength for example, in power armor that’s a perk for sprinting without using fusion energy and pain train, which pushes people down. When I’m out of armor I shift it to Strong Back tier 4 which gives extra carrying capacity that is not needed when in armor.

The MOST important skill is Lone Wanderer. If you have enough points for 4 in CHA, you’ll take 20% less damage and have 30% boosted AP region when alone. And when you’re in a party, you don’t really need the bonus anyway, because… well… you’re in a party :slight_smile:

Also you can just swap in the perk that heals more radiation when radaway is used. You don’t need to have it accessible outside of when you’re going to use a radaway, which isn’t often. Stuff like that made me rethink my build since I can swap stuff in and out.


Thanks for the tip! I’ve been tempted to get that perk since I don’t really play with anyone else other than you. It sounds very useful. I do look forward to playing with you one of these days. What I noticed is that the game gets more difficult at around level 15. At least for me. The enemies seem to take much more damage. I was still able to survive but I’d imagine it would be less strenuous with a friend.


I like wow so far.


I’ve been trying to play Battlefield V, but can only seem to play one match at a time then I’m bored with it again.


OMG, I can still bring the AWESOME on the Colecovision version of Donkey Kong.




You ever hear of an old atari game called Megamania? That was so fun as a kid.


I had forgotten about that! I just checked and it’s in the 2600 section of my Sumosys. Gotta play it tonight now.



I really want one of those Sumosys, but they are sold out. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


There’s also RetroPie:

You can build the same thing essentially, just more work.


Hey @TomCat, check it:

Some people’s kids…


Edit: OMG, I’m dying here:




That game sounds intense.


I’m waiting to see if an MMO will be released on steam today. It is called Atlas and is by the makers of Ark. Not sure if I’ll get it or not if it does release. It’s a pirate themed MMO. Don’t know much about it otherwise. It has been delayed twice already.

Has anyone here played Ark? I seem to remember someone mentioned it before.


Just wanted to tell people how good the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is. I bought it for myself for Christmas, and it has bigger buttons, bigger and better analog sticks, and a full directional pad. I feel foolish for playing over a hundred hours in skyrim with just the little dock that you slide the joycon controllers onto.

Probably too late to benefit anyone’s Christmas shopping. It’s a great gift though for someone who has the system and is stuck using those little joysticks on the big television.


Squirrelette and I are going to head to the VR arcade at West Edmonton Mall next week to play this: