Video game thread!


I got Worms: Clan Wars for 0.92€ from humble bundle


Has anyone here tried Frostpunk?
What’s it like?

I really wanna try it


Can’t say I have. I’m a big video game geek and I seem to have heard it but don’t know much about it.

I’m looking forward to two more video games this month. Tomorrow Jagged Alliance: Rage! Will be released for the PC. I’m somewhat on the fence about that one. I’m a big fan of the Jagged Alliance series. The last one released was an unfinished mess. I didn’t get it luckily. The developers stopped updating it before it was finished. I’m hoping this one will be better.

The other game I plan on getting is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Needless to say that game should be fun. I will try to preorder it today. So far I’ve played other games with a few people from here. It is has been nice to make more friends I can relate to. Maybe we’ll be whooping each other at a Super Smash Bros Tournament! As some of you can tell, video gaming is a passion of mine.


Is the Nintendo Switch worth it? I mean compared to the WII? I’m looking into it atm.


To be honest it does tend to sit on my shelf for prolonged periods of time. I got it when it released. It has some good games now. The selling point is that it is a handheld also. I hardly use it in the docked mode. I’d recommend you look at a list of games released and games which will be coming soon before making a purchase. If you find some that really interest you then go for it. I don’t regret getting it. I’m really looking forward to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Fire Emblem Three Houses.


I’ve always enjoyed all of the Nintendo’s but the Wii was a disappointment. Not in innovation but graphics and game choices were rather narrow.


I’d say it’s a step up from the Wii. What games are you interested in for the Switch. I have a few. I can tell you about some of them if you’d like. Also what genre do you enjoy the most?


I’m interested in games like Kingdom Hearts by PlayStation. So RPGS. Simulations. Games like Mario Cart are always winners.


Well then you might enjoy Zelda Breath of the Wild. I haven’t finished it mostly because my old switch was replaced (under warranty thankfully) and I haven’t brought myself to replay to how far I got. It is a good game. I also have Mario Kart and that is fun as well. I used to play it with my godson.

It has a few free games now too such as Warframe and Fortnite. The games I have off the top of my memory are as follows…

Fire Emblem Warriors
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Mario Kart
Octopath Traveler
Lost Sphear
I Am Setsuna
Xenoblade 2


I’ve contemplated getting Mario Party and Mario Odyssey.


Wow! Thank you for writing all that out. :grinning:

I was just thinking maybe I could do maybe a Nintendo DS. That platform has a whole slew of games I’d like. My niece let me play hers and I loved it.

I used to have a PSP and it was great but I think Nintendo wins in the handheld department.


The 3DS is nice. The problem with it now is that they are slowly lessening the support for it due to the Nintendo switch. It has loads of good games though. I got it years ago still play it from time to time.


I think I’m just attracted to the novelty of the Switch tbh. But thank you for the info. I’m going to do some research and see what I come up with.


Iit might help by playing through the story first to get used to the controls and the layout the map etc also the story is really good so you don’t want to miss out on that.


So the 3DS is a no go… just a little outta my price range. I just may do a Gameboy color for Tetris and Lemmings. Still mulling it over.


@ThePoeticSkunk My kids all have 3DS XLs (the bigger the better!), and we got them a Switch last year for Christmas to share. My youngest dominates it, so my oldest asked for her own. Anyhow, I’ve played Mario Kart and Poken Tournament on it and enjoyed them very much. My youngest plays Zelda and a few others. My oldest plays everything. We are getting her Disgaea (sp?) for Christmas as well as a Monster Hunter game. Both of my kids have or are getting Let’s Go Eevee, and they love that, too. If you play Pokemon Go, you’ll like that one and should get it with the Poke Walker.


Oh- as for the 3DS, it’s great, too! The kids play a lot of Pokemon, Animal Crossing, things of that nature. Happy games.


Battlefield V is 50% off on consoles if you owned one of the previous battlefields. Just check the ingame menu. I got it at that price.


Anyone try Kenshi? It’s almost my dream game, just really difficult depending on how you play it. I just stick to the cities so the local wildlife doesn’t et me.


I have it. It is a very good game! It takes awhile to really pick up but it feels rewarding. I almost feel like playing it again. For sure it is safer in towns. Also my advice is to practice on the training dummy. Your swordsmanship will rise. Slowly but surely. Also don’t hesitate to loot corpses when bandits attack and fight the town guard.