Video game thread!


Yes I will be getting Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Highly looking forward to it. It will be very fun. Samus is a good character. I remember playing Super Metroid as a kid. I usually play Fox McCloud. I’m not very good at it.


I’m downloading forza horizont 4 right now with game pass


I grabbed Final Fantasy Tactics, and an emulator for pc. Can’t wait to see it on a big screen for the first time.



I think I will have to wait a couple of hours to download


I have a friend who always played as fox, we used to play each other for hours.

I can’t wait to see what the online play is like.


I have yet to get the online membership for the Nintendo Switch. I’m definitely going to get it for SSBU.


Just had a little nostalgia. Was thinking of that old game StarFox on SNES. I remember my parents bought that for my birthday. It was easy to beat but I’d spend hours on it.



Easy?! Haha you must have been pro. I had to rent it like 5 times to finally pass it. I thought it was incredibly difficult lol.


That was a good game too. I felt like I was in star wars, flying into the death star in multiple levels of that game if I’m remembering correctly.


Cutting edge graphics at the time. Triangles and polygons.


You can pick up the SNES mini that is out and relive your Star Fox memories.

It also comes with Star Fox 2 which was unreleased up until the SNES mini came out.


Gosh! That brings back memories. I want to get into retro gaming though just not sure where to start.


I have played some Black Ops 4. Now I’m getting back to WoW, still need to do five level ups. If I get to level 120 my brother said he would play with me. I play like 30 minutes a day so it will take a while to do those five levels. But I’m on the wrong class, I always played rogue since classic, now I play a warlock. I wanted to try another class. And I have a new account since a while. Last year I deleted my rogue account. So my boost has gone for a class I’m new to. I would need to level up from 1 to 120 if I would like to get back to a rogue.


I can’t believe I had a 3DO system and sold it. Those platforms go for mega bucks on eBay. Hindsight sucks.


I’m planning on getting Super Smash Bros Ultimate also.


For those who may be tempted by the new Bandai Namco Flashback Blast! HDMI stick being advertised all over Walmart, check out the following two videos:

AtGames – makers of some of the worst retro consoles out there – really douched it this time. They sent sticks with actual arcade ROMs to reviewers when the product they are shipping to stores have the NES home ROMs instead. They’re getting the ■■■■ kicked out of them on retro gaming forums and on Twitter for this. Don’t buy one!


I’m really intimidated by Red Dead II. Anyone have any tips. I’m not used to this kind of game. I’m just getting into them. I usually play things like Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo, and Mario. Help?


I have to admit I haven’t played much of the single player portion since someone spoiled the ending for me. :expressionless: My advice is to not be in a rush. Take your time doing stranger missions and helping people on the road. It will get you more acquainted with the controls. Also it is recommended you do the companion missions at camp when they pop up before doing Dutch ones because sometimes the missions go away for good.

Some of them are simple and you learn how to fish in one. I don’t want to spoil it for you. I’m in the beginning of Chapter 4 if I remember correctly. What chapter are you currently on? Oh and also don’t forget to brush and pat your horse for horse bonding. I’ve grown attached to my horse. Sorry I couldn’t offer better tips, I’m not very far. @Qwerty may have more insight.


I recently got a game that was released today for PC. It is called Edge of Eternity. It is a turn based RPG with an old school style. The visuals are nice and the story so far is interesting. The game is still rough around the edges as it is in early access however it is more polished than many of the other early access games I’ve played.