Video game thread!


I tried to play Don’t Starve Together with some friends, but my laptop keeps disabling discord while the game is running, so I can’t communicate with the others and that’s no fun


Don’t Starve and all its versions are awesome. I started playing it in 2014 when it was a PS Plus free game on month two of the system’s life span. Only free game I’ve played for more than 2 hours… lots more. I know I have at least a hundred hours played.


Video games rock. Almost bought Hitman today


Does anyone else play video games all the time but really stink at it?


I think it’s real time games that I’m not the best at. Turn-based you can take your time, but hardly anything is turn-based these days and those that are made are ridiculously tough. :smiley:


I’m very good anymore. I still enjoy playing. What matters is that you have fun.


Yeah, I like sandbox games and simulations, where the fun is in the journey and telling a story of your own creation. In those games, failure is a part of a game, not an outcome to be avoided.


Turn based games are some of my favorites. The old school Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy Tactics remains one of my all time favorites.


Tactics was incredible. That game consumed a large portion of my adolescence.


It was like a well written tragic play. Ramza Beolve the youngest member of his family spoiler alert loses his brothers, discovers church officials consorting with demons. A lot of other stuff too. I can’t quite remember though I do feel some enemies weren’t all that evil like Wiegraf. Just embroiled in a war. I’ve been searching for a tactics game like that. I have found Tactics Ogre which is also pretty good. I guess FFT just holds a special place in my heart.


Have you played the version, Lion War? Highly recommend if you can find a psp.


Have it on my phone! Good recommendation. I have yet to play it. I know I will one of these days.


It’s on the phone?! Holy, that version is incredible. Play it immediately!!!1 j/k

You get to make a dark knight (have to meet a whole range of requirements on the character in question, but still!)

The reworked dialogue and cinematics were to die for.


Hey gamers. Anybody know any free games on Xbox one?


Look forward to finally making a dark knight! I got it on sale for around 3.99. I hope it runs well on my phone.


If I could have a sandbox game with the story of ff tactics and it’s various systems included, and the loot tables of a diablo-like, that would be my dream game.


I’m not sure because I don’t have an xbox one however if you have an internet connection you can probably play games like Neverwinter, and possibly the open beta to Black Desert Online.


I wonder if I can play lol or any popular online video game?


League of Legends is available for free on the PC. I don’t think Xbox One has it although I’m unsure. I have heard the popular Diabloesque game Path of Exile will possibly be on some consoles soon.


Post 500, anyone else gonna get the new Super Smash Bros?

I pre-ordered it from Amazon which means I won’t see it til next week but that is ok with me as I have my kids this weekend and can’t play anyway.

I am freaking excited for the game to come out even though I know I will be playing as Samus like I always have.

The amount of characters is crazy, should be a good challenge to stay on top of everything, feels like I have been waiting forever for this game to come out.