Video game thread!


I am doing good. It was fun on red dead but I kept getting disconnected. I just hope it’s not my internet connection as it’s not the best. I am going to do a bit more story mode today but may also play online at some point. How are you.


I’m doing well! Thanks for asking. Yeah it was a shame you got disconnected a bit. Don’t worry I think they’re still working on making the online experience better. I don’t think it’s just your internet. I look forward to playing with you sometime soon. I have to sober up a bit before I do hah. I had a bit to drink today. Good to hear you’re doing well. The story mode is great! Maybe we can play tomorrow for me when I sober up. If you enjoy the single player part I’m sure you’ll enjoy the online portion. Cheers Qwerty! It was fun to play with you!


I wanna find a good pirate rpg. I know of sid meier’s pirates! the updated version, and blood and Gold that was done in the mount and blade engine. There are others, but none with everything I want, namely being able to dress up my pirate/sailor and customize their appearance. Many pirate games have a fixed protagonist which turns me off.


Do you guys watch any streamers? They can be fun to watch.


I like LGR, and a few Morrowind video makers. LGR is the only Simmer I like to watch playing the Sims, many others who play the sims are far too saccharine and boisterous for me. Plenty of other video gamers on youtube. I don’t watch much of streams unless they make their way to youtube.


Squirrelette plays that a lot!


Anyone like city builders? Not always the best choice for those of us who are disorganized, or even those who are super organized. But I’ve enjoyed them since I was a kid, even if I wasn’t that good at them. Tropico 6 is releasing soon. I’m thinking of getting it. Always been a big fan of the series as I had a strange fantasy of running a banana republic myself.


I just bought farming sim 19 but haven’t played it yet because I was too busy playing old videogames with my boyfriend lol. We played don’t starve together which is always a fun time and then terraria which in my opinion is a boring game but it was just fun to spend the time together.


I like city builders. Especially Cities: Skylines.
I have the problem that I expand too fast, though.


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is currently standing between me and my video game goodness.


I’m trolling the hell out of the bastards on Twitter now.


Hmmm that’s a tough one. I know there is a pirate game in the making by the creators of Assassin’s Creed. It hasn’t been released yet and I forgot what it is called so that isn’t much help. The one you mentioned made with the Mount and Blade engine is fun I’d imagine. I was thinking of a possible recommendation of Pillars of Eternity 2. I am unsure if you enjoy that type of RPG. It does have a piratey flavor.


I want to get an alienware but I have no money. Costco has an alienware that has a 1080ti but alienware’s website has the newer version for a couple hundred more. Better/newer 9th generation CPU too with the rtx2080. Costco has a better warranty.

I want to save up for a gaming computer.


I got my desktop from they do have a great warranty system.


Use care when buying from Walmart…



I’m fine, just on the computer a little less often lately I suppose. Also watching some football. Also my mom’s in town for a visit so I have been spending time with her before she leaves in a few days.


Cool. Good to hear you’re doing well. Enjoy your mom’s visit! One of my neighbors is a huge football fan. She told me about several games today. Good day for Sunday football.


Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing about Fallout 76, I found out about two mutations: Speed Demon (makes you run faster) and marsupial (+20 carry weight and you jump twice as high). People who have both are running around jumping roof to roof like superhumans. They can freeze the mutations in place permanently and lower their negative effects by 75% with luck perks.


I had heard about the mutation keeping perk. Hah hadn’t heard of the speed demon mutation. Marsupial sounds funny. Leaping everywhere. I had a good mutation the first time I got one. I forgot what it was but it added strength at the cost of only being able to eat meat with the carnivorous trait. Later I got some crappy one which took away 5 points of agility and made me a vegetarian. Tough to stay well fed off of veggies in game.


Yay! I just got a PS4 controller just for me, and I don’t have to share it or anything lol. It is this one, but the buttons are more purple-y IRL.



I’ve been playing lots of Fortnite battle royale lately.

Also Don’t Starve