Video game thread!


Thanks @ilovethaifood sorry someone spoiled the ending for you. I’m also on chapter 3. I can’t see myself completing it anytime soon. It’s such a big game. I’m taking my time with it.


Have you managed to keep Arthur at peak physical condition? Mine is malnourished and underweight haha. I’ve been trying to get his weight up by eating a bunch of plates at the hotel. Maybe I should hunt more often.


No lol. He is also underweight. Lol. My sister is playing and hers is underweight too.


Did you enjoy that drunken quest with Lenny in the second chapter? Man the game designers must have had a laugh coming up with that situation.


I loved that mission. That was great.


I sent you a friends request. It’s ----885. I’ll let you get back to gaming now! Nice avatar by the way. Pugcake hah.


I’ve been playing more Grim Dawn on the PC. Fun ARPG that is similar to Diablo.


I actually own that game on steam. I think I got it when I was subscribed to the humble bundle monthly deals. Haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.


A little bit of video game news. Apparently Red Dead Redemption online will be released on the 27th for those who purchased the ultimate version. Then on the 28th for those who played on release day and finally on November 30th for everyone else.


Just ordered one of these:



Cool, but that can’t possibly be legal to sell.


I have no doubt about that – snapped one up fast for that reason. :smiley:


I just bought the new Fire Emblem game for my 2DS today :smiley:
I can’t wait to play it.


Noice! Hope you enjoy it meng.



Which one did you get? Echoes of Valentia?


Have you played it? What do you think of it?


Yes I have! I haven’t finished it yet. It is a little bit closer to the older games in that you can’t pair up and have friendship levels. The gameplay is awesome. The story is good. I think I liked it a little more than Fates for some reason. I won’t spoil it for you but it does have a little bit of romance between Cecilia and Alm. The characters are pretty cool. At the beginning you get some villagers whose classes you can pick later. It is usually recommended that you level them up at least to level 10 before changing classes so that they have better stats. The beginning has a cute little introduction of when they were kids. I think you’ll enjoy it if you’re a fan of the series.


Thank you for the tips! :slight_smile:


Hey Thaifood I am level 20 in Fallout 76, have gotten sort of hooked on it after some time with it. I picked some bad SPECIAL points but they are adding that respec in for post-50 characters in the next couple of patches.

I think it’s better to spread out points, since there are no minimum attribute level requirements for perks anymore. I could have a five star late-game strength perk with a strength of just 5 and have room to equip it since it’s five star.

I lost my CAMP items and they weren’t stored, so now i always pack up my craft stations to storage manually before i leave the camp. Stash is small but they are increasing that too.

Other than these issues it’s fun! I’m going for +non automatic rifle damage with perception perks. I use a hunting rifle mostly.


I’m level 12 I think. Next time I see you on during the day I’ll join you. I’ve been hooked on Red Dead online. A few friends and I passed the story missions online. I think it’ll continue once they update. I too use the hunting rifle. My perks aren’t the greatest either. I went with makeshift weapons for intelligence crafting. It’s a bit of a str intelligence hybrid I have. Good to know they might allow respec. Good to hear from you agent.