Video game thread!


If you ever get Red Dead Redemption 2. When it goes online you’re more than welcome to join our planned gang Haha. Can’t wait for Red Dead Redemption online.


That’s actually not a bad idea. I sorta bought/return scammed for a preorder code in case I wanna play it down the road. I’ll probably play it when it goes online, I’ll let you know. Probably will wait until the red dead online starts. I only have a 500 GB HDD so I’ll have to delete something. I poured water on my old 2TB HDD PS4 back when I was listening to voices >_<


Awww man. Those demonic ps4 voices. Hah that’s unfortunate. Things like that happen. When I was off meds I returned a few games to GameStop just so I could have cigarette money. One of the dumbest things I’ve done. I only got like 5 bucks per game. But there I was happy about my cigarettes… I have the PS4 pro now and still run out of memory.


I can’t believe how good Red Dead 2 is. It’s just huge and detailed and Rockstar really delivered.

I picked up fallout 76 and Hitman 2 but I kind of don’t want to play them until I’ve really fleshed out RDR2. Am playing black ops 4 a bit but it just feels like a get shot in the back simulator.

Anyone on Xbox? Send me a message with your gamer tag and we can be friends :slight_smile:


I’m on PS4 otherwise I’d gladly add you for Fallout 76. @agent101g Anytime you want to play let me know. I deleted my old character and started fresh. I’m about lvlt 4 or 5.


I’m having fun playing rise of the tomb raider at the moment then I will pick up shadow of the tomb raider later on.


Shadow of the tomb raider is a bit of a let down. Not much combat at all which was a bit boring


I play computer games so i have the Jurassic World game, City Skylines and the Sims 4. I like simulation games personally. My partner has an xbox one, and he has Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield and some others that i can’t remember.


For those of you with a Nintendo Switch, Warframe will release tomorrow. It’s a free multiplayer space ninja game. Other than that, Red Dead Redemption online 2 has been speculated to be released sometime between November 24th and 27th. Not sure about that second part.


Been playing some of sims 4 myself for forever.


I’m gettin an xbox one x and giving my sister my current xbox one s as a birthday present.


My bro is giving me his Xbox 1 for free


I’m not so hype about getting a Playstation 4 ever since learning that the Final Fantasy 7 remake was being put in production limbo (pretty much shelved.)

I do want to use a Playstation VR headset on a PC though, since it’s cheap and can handle 120 fps, which is better than all the mainstream VR headsets out now.


There’s a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal where they give you a free Mario Kart 8 download with the system. I think it’ll sell out fast.

If the download was Zelda: BotW, I’d get it. These digital downloads can’t be resold, so they’re not quite as good as cartridges, though.


Yeah my switch controller started slipping, the right one. It registers down on the analog constantly without me doing anything. Pairs cost 79, i dont see any lower for black friday :frowning:


Might have been answered but is anyone playing Fallout76? Love solo rpgs and never got into mmo’s but curious about this one?

PC is platform?


I haven’t played it on the PC. I have it for ps4. The game is entertaining for the most part. It is still filled with bugs and can feel somewhat empty due to the lack of NPCs. The story is okay. It is fun to play alone though
it feels nice to have friends to play with. From the articles I’ve read it has a lot of critics and I can see why some wouldn’t like it but I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ve played with agent101 and it has been fun. All in all I’d say it’s a 7.5 out of 10. Maybe higher with friends.


I probably shouldn’t get Battlefield V. I like WW2, but don’t really care for the changes from Battlefield 1.


I’ve been playing red dead redemption 2 and it’s one of the best games I’ve played. Waiting to see what the online feature brings out @ilovethaifood if you want to add me my psn ID is GodLike32UK09 since you are also playing RDR2


I’ll add you when I turn on my ps4 again for sure. I’ll let you know it’s Ilovethaifood in the friend’s request. Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely a great game. I think it is my favorite game of the year and I play a ton of games. I’m in chapter 3. Sadly, I read someone spoiled the ending for me so I’ve been hesitant to play. I’m highly looking forward to the online portion as well. At the moment I’m rewatching a boxing match but I’ll be sure to add you Qwerty!