Video game thread!


Well looks like the Fallout 76 Beta is over. I only played for a couple of hours with @agent101g but it was fun. I had to go early because my dad couldn’t give me a ride to the store if I waited too long.


@spooky, a Starcraft 2 grand master recommended this guide on getting better at the game:


I got Diablo 3 for nintendo switch when it came out a few days ago. I have all the seasonal objectives complete except one… I need to solo a level 20 greater rift in under fifteen minutes. Thats a GR that is Torment 3 difficulty. I’m playing as the necromancer… I already have all legendary stuff, how could I even upgrade from here? Hmm


Paragon levels and BIS gear matters a lot. Especially the sets. But I stopped playing a long time ago. Might have changed.

When I played, first priority was to get the class specific skill sets.


I’m hype to learn that VR headsets don’t make you blind. They’re the equivalent of looking at a monitor that is 1.3 to 2 meters away (adjustable.) I look at my laptop like 2 feet away and I can still see fine detail in the distance, so that’s good.

Couple that headset with eye-tracking mouse technology, and I might get a second wind at FPS gaming! I can’t use a hand-held mouse for long due to bad elbows.

The second wind won’t be like my first time, where I was like monstrously spending 8-10 hours a day at it non-stop. Going to be a good work-life balance.

In foresight this might not be a good thing, I want to be fully mature, not half-mature, half-child.


Is Red Dead 2 good? I bought it on release but still haven’t played it. I’m waiting to get internet.


This is my favorite town in the early game in modern World of Warcraft. That’s my Worgen warlock.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great game. It starts out a little slow but picks up in Chapter 2. There are a lot of controls to learn. The game does a pretty good job of teaching you. I’m in chapter 3 and it is fun. I’m looking forward to the online portion. It is supposed to be released later this month. There is no official date though some have speculated between Nov 24th and 27th.


Just picked up the Spyro remake!! Can’t wait to play it!!


Battlefield V released to day with the deluxe edition. The regular edition comes out on the 20th. It is much more difficult than previous battlefield games. It is fun still but darn I get killed a lot.


i’ve been playing some old snes and genesis/megadrive games on a raspberry pi

the golden era of video games the 16 bit consoles?


SNES was awesome. It definitely has some classic games. I got a Sega Genesis way later. I still enjoyed Sonic and a few others. I think it was a golden age for video games. A bunch of RPG games that changed gaming forever. I hold Zelda A Link to the Past in a special place. Such a good game. I remember renting it and passing it without any guides. It was such a satisfying experience. Maybe it was because I was young. Someday I’ll try to pass Zelda Breath of the Wild.


i’ve been playing ghouls and ghosts, lemmings, prince of persia, arkanoid, and a few others. greats games… at least to me :slight_smile:


games are amazing these days, but something about the 16 bit era was special, like they boiled down challenging gameplay and aesthetics. That is before the dark times, before 3d…


Ah back when it was about gameplay and not graphics.


i’d like to finish them… it’s not a big deal, except to me, but yeh i’d like to ■■■■■■■ finish them :wink:


I know the feeling. Before I’d finish every game I bought. Now I haven’t finished a game since Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3DS. I was so proud of myself.


Hey thaifood did you play any Fallout 76? I haven’t been up to starting a new guy to get the trophies for stuff my beta character already did. I’ve been stuck on Diablo 3 for switch, I’m like paragon 450 and having fun with necromancer. Sucky thing is the stash isn’t as big as I’d like so I have to clean it out which takes awhile. Torment 13 is still kicking my butt but Torment 10 is easy. I’m trying to beat the seasonal challenges.

I haven’t beaten a game in a very long time. I don’t buy much other than multiplayer stuff these days. I bought a retro-SNES mini and hacked it to hold a couple hundred games, but I just find it hard to get into the classics. It’s so easy to modify for extra games though… even I could do it. It also plays NES games and GBA games.


Yeah I’ve played Fallout 76 a bit today. I recently got Battlefield V so that’s what I’ve mostly played today. I look forward to playing Fallout 76 with you. It’s a lot more fun with a teammate. I’ve gotten to a quest where I need to repair something. I can’t seem to do it. Not sure if it is because I need some repair perk or if it is a bug. I enjoy fallout 76. I think people online are being a little harsh on the reviews. It’s a pretty good game with a focus on teamwork. I haven’t played much of Diablo 3. I own it on PC. I really liked it, just haven’t gotten around to playing it. Diablo 2 I must’ve played for over 1,000 hours. Tonight a friend and I are going to play Battlefield V but if you’re up late or tomorrow we can play fallout 76.


Alright I’ll get those trophies and get my guy caught up tonight so I’ll be ready.