Video game thread!


If I didn’t need a PlayStation plus I’d play overwatch sometimes. Or if I could play it offline I’d play it. I don’t have a tv even a PlayStation it’s ova my parents house.

I wonder if I could play it on pc for free?

Besides that I used to play wow. Doing everything was kinda to much. All I wanted to do was heal some dungeons but I had to do everything else. I guess I got burned out. Idk


On PC you have to buy Overwatch once then you can play online all you want so long as you have an internet connection.


I’m about to preorder Fallout 76.


I tried to play that Fallout 76 beta yesterday but the installation of the game was so large and I’m not on the best connection, so I’ll check out the BETA tomorrow.

I have zero idea of what to expect.


Did you hear about the Fallout 76 glitch that basically deleted the whole game as part of a flawed update?


Yeah I did. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again.


The ps4 has a good selection of games now. Fifa 19 on it is very fun. If you decide to get it maybe we can play a match or two. I’ve been wanting to start a pro club, not sure if you play that mode.


Well my list of games I’m going to try to get next month is

  1. Fallout 76 (which I’m about to preorder)
  2. Battlefield V
  3. Edge of Eternity for PC

If all goes well I should have enough for all three. Anyone else thinking of getting some games?


No I never heard of that. I had heard that Bungie released a game that when uninstalled could erase the content of your hard drive, though. One of the Myth games.


IDK why. But I sorta want to get into retro gaming. I miss those classics.


If you have a computer you can try an emulator and roms. Some sites are a little iffy. There’s the ZSnes I think it’s called for super Nintendo emulator.


Or you can always try to get one of those SNES mini or nes mini consoles.


Well looking at one of those Chinese handhelds with 100+ games. It’s only $13 so if it doesn’t work I’m not out much. But still browsing eBay atm. Thanks.


Oh those are pretty neat. My cousin wants to get one as well. Let me know how it turns out for you.


Will do. There are U.S. sellers so I won’t have to wait 6 weeks to get it.


It’s more ideal to spend that money on a USB controller and then your emulated game choices are in the hundreds of thousands, rather than being stuck with 100+ games.

Or if you have a Playstation 3 controller lying around, you can use that on the PC with a bit of setup.


I tried the fallout 76 beta. Have you tried it @agent101g? It’s fun but I’ve been playing like a loner. I think it will be a lot more fun with friends.


I downloaded the BETA but haven’t tried it yet, I was doing stuff on Black Ops 4. I’ll try it either tonight or the next day it’s available.


Cool. It’s on from 11 am to 8 PM Pacific time today. Do you play on PS4?


I’m on PS4 on the east coast so it’ 2-11 pm for me today