Video Game Thread 9.0

I like playing Leo atm. Not other char I like in the current rooster…

I hate King. Can’t get out of grabs to save my life. And King got a lot of tricky, high damage ones.

I think namco is very good balancing chars. They are super involved with the community. But it takes time.

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Do you have any tips for quarter circle turns?
I can’t do it reliably at all. At best 1/4 tries I will get it. As I say thats the main thing that stopped me from playing fighting games. I tried SF once and it was just impossible for me.

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Hmmm yeah! Pick a character that doesn’t rely on qc motions :grin:

Tbh I find them somewhat easy to do on pad. Just relax your hand and slide your thumb.

But everyone struggles with different things at first.
I think practice makes perfect. You will do them 1/2 of the times in a short period with consistent practice, and so on.

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My gaming related post:

grand theft auto ( 1 ) has multiple actors do the only voiced line in the game: *sshole
that is ALL you will hear constantly being screamed at you
irl my attitude while driving is so terrible, contempt for all drivers and pedestrians
and I am counting everyone as they pass: *sshole… *sshole… another *sshole
it has become my default mode network while in the car

the original dev was working on another top down gta game, I’ve heard nothing recently


Anyone play Stormgate beta test?
I played it and really enjoyed it very cool game

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its crazy to think now you can get a device smaller than a gameboy advance that can play all retro systems up to and including ps1 flawlessly. for $60 :money_mouth_face:.

im running custom firmware and have a big collection on it of every gb, gbc, gba, nes, snes, genesis, and lots of arcade games, ps1 games, and lots of community made ports of pc and console games


Anbernics look badass, I want one eventually. Do you ever regret not having the thumbsticks?

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the lack of thumbsticks doesnt bother me as all the systems it plays didnt have them on the original hardware, only ps1 has some games that use them but majority were made for the original ps1 controller that has no analog sticks.

i had an rg353v which has them but i prefer the simplicity of the rg35xx

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Just bought tom clancy wildlands, i’ve played it before but only a little. hopefully i’ll play the entire thing this time round!


I think I might uninstall kingdom come deliverance and play it some other time I still want to play more Skyrim first

I’m excited about dragons dogma 2 next month. For now I’m playing MW3 and palworld.

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Time for a new thread I think.


Closing as its past 1000 posts. Someone will need to start a new one if wish to continue topic.